Saturday, 3 March 2012

Mini Red Patchwork Completed

Well finally finished the mini red patchwork, the finishing took me longer than anticipated (doesn't it always lol), tried a different way of finishing this time so there was quite a bit of doing and undoing!  Quite pleased with the finish, but think I prefer the way before and it's quicker too!  Still not bought the sheet or wadding for my fullsize quilt, but I am determined it will be done!

Not really done much else in the mini world,bought the lolly sticks to have a go at making a wooden floor for the holiday let (pavillion), but haven't started it yet.  Seem to keep getting waylaid by knitting requests lol.  Still got a tea cosy to knit for my daughter and now a pair of fingerless gloves for my sister, this is why no mini-ing is getting done, also lack of pennies isn't helping the situation either, but no excuse for not doing the floors or the shutters as I have got the stuff required for them!

Probably a lot is to do with the fact I'm still not "in love" with the Pavillion, same as I wasn't the first time I did it, thought I might be a bit more enthusiastic this time, but have to confess I'm not, I will finish it though, then will have to save some more pennies so I can buy another one of Julie's gorgeous cottages and I will be in love again!

Anyway, here is the finished quilt, might stick it on ebay, although not sure it's good enough to sell,  or may keep it for Bob (although think it may be a bit too flowery for him in reality) or may use it in the holiday let whenever I get round to buying some furniture for it!

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  1. It's beautiful Deb, and you finished it so quickly! Someone is sure to snap that up if it goes on ebay!