Sunday, 28 October 2012

Will it Ever Get Out

Now I am seriously beginning to wonder if Lake View will ever make it out the cupboard, let alone the box!  No, it definitely will, I just don't know when!  Life seems to take over somehow and my good intentions end up going out the window!  I seriously do want to get it started though. 

Have been mini knitting again for a friend on facebook who wanted a few bits and pieces, they are all finished now and will get the post on Monday.

I' ve also completed my first Mr Frosty snowman, I do enjoy knitting these!  Mrs Frosty will be following shortly.  I make these as gifts for my "little" relatives for Christmas, they do seem to enjoy them.  They should have umbrellas etc. as well, but I don't bother with these as they are for small children.

Half term this week as well, seem to be quite busy as well.  Off to Thorpe Park on Tuesday with the boys and my daughter.  Then Wednesday got to go into town, get the boys hair cut etc., pay for badminton course, etc. etc.  Then Thursday we are all of to mum's, help her do her shopping up at Sainsbury's (wonder if they'll let me buy the DHMS mag this time lol) and then we are off to lunch at the gorgeous Parlour Tearooms, omg their cakes are sooooooooooooo yummy you wouldn't believe!  Then rest of Thursday will involve sitting on the sofa not daring to move as I shall be so full up!

Got to do a few more knitting things in readiness for Chrimbo, and will do Paula's wall hanging patchwork for her Christmas shop.  Fireman Sam still got to be knitted as well, the list never ends! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Christmas Knitting

Just a quick little post as i'm a bit busy today, but wanted to show you my first Christmas mini knit, it's a cute snowman with snow falling all around!  Have to say it wasn't the easiest thing to knit as I did it from a pattern, and well, the pattern left a lot to be desired!

Well, here it is, hope you like it and I will be doing some more themed jumpers when i come back, well if I can get the enthusiasm up that is!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas Quilting

Well although I hate to say it, Christmas seems to be fast approaching!

Have made my 1st Christmas themed mini quilt, and I have to say I rather like it!  Shame to sell it, but needs must!  I don't do any Christmas themed mini stuff so it will be wasted and end up living in a cupboard here, so on ebay it has gone!

Still not started on Lake View (slapped wrist) just seem to be busy "making things" at the moment.  Got some Christmas toys to make, plus Christmas mini knits, plus more Christmas quilts!  It never ends!

I will get Lake View started though, I must, I must, I must!

Not had a brilliant couple of weeks I have to say, and now seem to have got a rotten cold which isn't helping my mood!  Kids  tut, they bring these germs home lol.

We are away at the weekend as well, (colds/flu permitting) on an Activity Weekend run by our local National Autistic Society, should be fun!  Glad to say i'm not doing the activities!  Not sure if Matthew will take part or not, i'm hoping he will, but if he decides not, then there's not a lot of pursuading him lol.

Anyway, here's the Christmas quilt, hopefully you'll be able to see all the Christmas themed fabrics.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Gorgeous Signs

Paula's daughter, Bethany, has made me some gorgeous new signs for my little shabby shop and also for the newly named Cove Cottage Tea Rooms (formerly Lobster Pot Tearooms) but they moved to larger premises!

The signs are absolutely gorgeous, Bethany is a very talented young lady!    I have added a few new bits and pieces to both Cove and Lobster, and even the little shop, but not done very much to the shop really.

I have to say I have been busy doing other "crafty" things.  Made quite a few patchwork quilts and am about to start on a Christmas themed quilt.  Also been doing quite a bit of mini knitting as well and again just about to start some christmas mini knits.  I've also completed 2 nativity sets (not mini), hopefully to sell all these on ebay!  Need some money for Christmas and also to get Lake View started, which I'm ashamed to say is still sitting in the cupboard unopened!  I must get it started, it's a lovely house and i've got an idea how I want it decorated inside and out, must get the motivation to start it!

I've also got quite a few things to do for Christmas presents as well.  Got to knit a Fireman Sam for my little great nephew who is mad on him.  Also got to knit a couple of my favourite snowmen as well for christmas presents, and also have bought some material to make some patchwork cushions to give as Christmas presents.  I think I'm going to be busy!