Monday, 5 December 2011

Updated At Last

Well finally got around to playing a bit of dollshouse and updating my blog!

Had to move Boathouse and Driftwood today, they have taken up residence in my bedroom.  Needed the space downstairs for the christmas decorations!  Moving them was a good thing though, gave me a chance to add some little bits and pieces here, and add the lovely things Paula sent me, gorgeous driftwood picture, glasses and shell basket for Bill and Maggie's new cats and bag and other little bits and pieces here and there.  Also had another play with Lobster, added some little cakes and tea things to the living room and tea rooms, also added some little bits and pieces that again Paula sent me (what would I do without her!), and a couple of extra ornaments for the bedroom.  

Bill had to lose his outside lavvy, it's had to move into the garden at Lobster so he'll have to have a little walk when he needs the little boys room!  Never mind he's got his glasses now so at least he can see where he's going!

Am feeling quite smug at the moment as I've now wrapped all my christmas presents and wrote all my christmas cards today as well.  Have started with the decorations but only got a few up so far.  Got to do the tree and all the hanging things as well, oh joy!

Have still been busy knitting as well!  It never ends!  Have sold a couple of the nativity sets on ebay, and a few other bits that i've knitted.  Snowmen are my latest favourites, am knitting them for my niece and nephew, hope they like them, I have to say I'm rather fond of them, may sell a few of those on ebay as well!

Think that's about it for now, must get on and do something!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

More Photo's!

Have had a fairly busy day today, managed to do a bit of lobster potting, had a quick look round hobbycraft, it was manic in there, wish I'd had more time and money, so many things in there!  Bought a couple more balls of wool for my ebay xmas knitting projects, some thread to use as "hangers" for the decorations, some pipecleaners, I wanted just normal standard coloured pipecleaners but I couldn't find any of them, only want brown ones for robins feet, but all there seems to be is furry ones.  Forgot to look for christmas buttons as well, tut!  Will have to look on ebay I think.  Also looking for a knitting pattern for a camel for the nativity scene items, but couldn't find one, again will be an ebay job!

Had a go at doing some bits on lobster, still not done the tablecloths, oh dear naughty me, but put some pictures up and filled the cake counters, also got my other chair, picture and table for the living room.  Have got the hanging baskets up, but not sure how long they'll stay up for, keep listening out for the "klunk" as they fall down lol.

Been knitting a donkey today for the nativity scene items, have a horrible feeling it's going to look a bit too big though, will wait till it's finished if it's too big for the set, will have to try selling it separately.  

Saturdays are always a big wash day as it's all the uniforms and pe kits, oh then it's the dreaded ironing, ugggggggggghhhhhh, I hate ironing!  

Meant to be losing weight as well, so why oh why when I went to the post office/newsagent did I buy a huge bar of whole nut choccie, and have proceeded to eat half of it already, this is not the idea!  Ah well tomorrow's another day!

Anyway now for the pics, sorry there's quite a few of them!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Tea Cosy and Shelves

Managed to do a little bit more today, and postie brought a few more things, yippee!  Love it when you get bits through the post!

Finished a christmas pud tea cosy, and decorated the shelf unit in the shop with some bits and pieces and blue tacked some of the china as i'm fed up of trying to put it back without knocking everything else over lol.   Try and tidy up and cause more destruction, story of my life!

Got some pictures etc., to put up as well, and still got to make the tablecloths and cushions, hope to get them done tomorrow, too many things to do, must try and stick to 1 thing at a time and not have half a dozen on the go and achieving none of them!

Tea Cosy                                                                                                                                       
Shelf Unit

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Postie Brought Some Goodies

Is it Wednesday already?!   Postie brought a few parcels today which is always exciting, got my outside furniture, some gorgeous little shelves with tiny teapots on them, which look a lot better in real life than they do in the pics.   Managed to mend the broken shop counter so I've put that one in the shop.  I think I should have a "spot the difference" competition on the photo's, see if you can see the new things lol.  There's not that many new things and I still haven't done the prettying up or the staining and putting up of the fence, so many things and I've not done any of them!   My excuse this week is that Matthew had some sort of sicky bug yesterday so has not been at school yesterday or today and I was out helping my daughter move on Monday.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I'm out shopping at the huge M&S and Tesco's at Camberley tomorrow, so nothing will be done tomorrow either, and of course, I'm sure I'll come home to another "while you were out" card from the postie, grrrr I hate those cards!

Also managed to finish off the little knitted toy set today, not sure what to knit next, hoping to sell them all on ebay this month (along with more surplus dollshouse stuff lol), need them to sell well so I can buy more stuff for The Lobster Pot!  Can't spare more money with Christmas racing up!  

Now for some pics!

These are the little toys, I may put ribbon on them so they can be used as tree decorations as they are about the right size, they are actually quite cute, I don't usually like the things I make, but I quite like these.

So that's been my week so far, hope you've had a good week to.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Good Time

We had a good time at the halloween party last night, was a fun evening for the kids, they did apple bobbing and generally running amuck!

Not done anything to Lobster apart from trying to make a little sign, which hopefully will fit on the signboard, may take a number of goes and a lot of ink to get the positioning right though!   Have really only been lazing around this Sunday, the clocks going back has thrown me completely, can't believe it's only 1.30, feels like it should be tea time!   Only thing really i've done is knitting these little guys, who I think are quite cute!  Only made 3 so far and there's quite a few more to complete the set (7 in total)

Hope to get a couple more made today, although I must remember I've still got the dreaded ironing to do ughhhh!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Lobster Pot - Few things to get started

Managed to get a few things unpacked and in The Lobster Pot.  Still needs a lot more and a lot of "prettying" up.  Need to make some table dressings and seat pads for the chairs, still waiting for quite a few bits to come through from ebay, so hopefully that will bulk it all up a bit.  Living room looks extremely bare, need lots more for that!

As you can probably see "Betty" (thank you Bethany) runs the tea shop and lives above.  She is a lovely lady made for me by Bernadette (detta's darling dolls on ebay).  I do love her, she looks absolutely perfect for running the tea shop.  

Got some bits for the garden, some hanging baskets (which need hanging) and some window boxes which I'm not sure if they'll hang from the window or just sit on the pavement.  Waiting for the outside tables and chairs as well, hopefully they will come next week.  Still waiting on a load more cakes as well, hoping they arrive soon as well!

Won't be doing much else today, as got to get sandwich making and fancy dressing as we've got a Halloween Party tonight, it's run by the local NAS as Matthew, my youngest, has ASD.  We've only just found this group and it's nice to have somewhere to go where people won't judge immediately.  So that's my day taken up, boys won't go to the party in fancy dress as it would mean bus or taxi, so we are going over to mum's (who luckily lives opposite the community centre) and will change over at hers and then change back before we come home.

That's it for today then, hope to get some prettying up done tomorrow and next week so will show you how I get on.  Have a great weekend.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Not done a lot!

Well, I don't seem to have achieved much on Lobster Pot, but have to confess have been busy on ebay!   Will take some pics of what has arrived so far, still a fair amount of come though lol, the postie must hate me!

I've been knitting some little dolls house christmas things, which unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of before I packed them up to send to Paula, doh!  I have been busy making more full size christmas things though, have done a nativity set and a couple of tree decoration sets, am just making another set which can either be used as little dolls or as more tree decorations if I add a ribbon to them.

This is why I haven't done much!   I'm also trying to wait till everything has arrived (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it), I've lots of prettying up that needs to be done to the bits that have arrived.   One of the shop counters that I ordered arrived in a zillion bits, but they were very good and just offered to send a replacement which hopefully will arrive.  I think I can probably mend it, it's unglued rather than broken, so if I can work out which bit goes where I should be able to save it.   The set I bought is more than what I want, so will probably sell the surplus, but it ended up cheaper to buy it as a set than to buy the bits I wanted individually.   Also got the rest of the fencing so I need to cut and stain that as I've decided to add a garden to the other side of The Lobster Pot, there's space on the desk where it currently is and it's not big enough for another house, so have decided to do a garden.   Got my packages from DHE today which has a lot of garden stuff in it, well baskets, troughs etc., plus a couple of other little bits and pieces, but I must knuckle down and sort the main house/cafe out.   Boys back at school next week so at least it will be more peaceful!

Well better go and cook dinner now, then will carry on knitting my toy soldier lol.  Will try and remember to take pics of the bits that have arrived this evening.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Driftwood Cottage

This is Driftwood Cottage, and I have to say is my favourite so far.   Maggie lives here, she is an old fashioned girl and loves all her pretty, girly things.    She absolutely loves baking and can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up something very tasty, cakes and puddings are her speciality and Bill next door certainly appreciates them!

This has to be the house that I have enjoyed doing most, I love all the girly things and have really enjoyed this one.   

Bill's Boathouse

This is the first dollshouse that I've fully completed! 

I absolutely loved this one and it certainly gave me a helping hand towards my dollshouse obsession (along with my good friend Paula, who I feel has a lot to answer for!)

Bill lives in The Boathouse, he is a retired fisherman and is full of stories of the sea and of course the "one that got away".   He is a quiet, friendly man, who enjoys tending his vegetable patch and he absolutely adores Maggie's cakes and baking (Maggie lives next door to him).  He enjoys quite a simple life and has traditional values and he certainly seems to have a soft spot for Maggie, who knows, maybe love will blossom!


At Last!

Well, I've finally got round to starting this blog!  This is just a quickie post really, just to try it all out!

So excited, and been busy on ebay as I my 3rd Dolls House, The Lobster Pot, made by the very talented Julie 

I adore all Julie's cottages and am excited to be working on this one now, I intend to make it a Tea Shop on the ground floor, serving tea/coffee and yummy cakes!  There will also be a seating area outside for when the weather is fine.  The upstairs rooms will be a living room and then on top the bedroom.


I'm hoping that the goodies that I've ordered will start arriving tomorrow and that I can get on with prettying it all up.   

Well, that's about it for now, hopefully will post some more piccies tomorrow if the postie brings me some nice goodies!