Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Lobster Pot - Few things to get started

Managed to get a few things unpacked and in The Lobster Pot.  Still needs a lot more and a lot of "prettying" up.  Need to make some table dressings and seat pads for the chairs, still waiting for quite a few bits to come through from ebay, so hopefully that will bulk it all up a bit.  Living room looks extremely bare, need lots more for that!

As you can probably see "Betty" (thank you Bethany) runs the tea shop and lives above.  She is a lovely lady made for me by Bernadette (detta's darling dolls on ebay).  I do love her, she looks absolutely perfect for running the tea shop.  

Got some bits for the garden, some hanging baskets (which need hanging) and some window boxes which I'm not sure if they'll hang from the window or just sit on the pavement.  Waiting for the outside tables and chairs as well, hopefully they will come next week.  Still waiting on a load more cakes as well, hoping they arrive soon as well!

Won't be doing much else today, as got to get sandwich making and fancy dressing as we've got a Halloween Party tonight, it's run by the local NAS as Matthew, my youngest, has ASD.  We've only just found this group and it's nice to have somewhere to go where people won't judge immediately.  So that's my day taken up, boys won't go to the party in fancy dress as it would mean bus or taxi, so we are going over to mum's (who luckily lives opposite the community centre) and will change over at hers and then change back before we come home.

That's it for today then, hope to get some prettying up done tomorrow and next week so will show you how I get on.  Have a great weekend.


  1. not done much are you kidding lol!! you have done loads :-) I love the tearooms the cream is so nice and loving all the flowers too!

  2. Hi Deb! Love your minis,miniregards from Spain.