Sunday, 30 October 2011

Good Time

We had a good time at the halloween party last night, was a fun evening for the kids, they did apple bobbing and generally running amuck!

Not done anything to Lobster apart from trying to make a little sign, which hopefully will fit on the signboard, may take a number of goes and a lot of ink to get the positioning right though!   Have really only been lazing around this Sunday, the clocks going back has thrown me completely, can't believe it's only 1.30, feels like it should be tea time!   Only thing really i've done is knitting these little guys, who I think are quite cute!  Only made 3 so far and there's quite a few more to complete the set (7 in total)

Hope to get a couple more made today, although I must remember I've still got the dreaded ironing to do ughhhh!

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