Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mini Red Patchwork

Haven't managed to do much mini-ing again, but have started a litte red patchwork quilt.  Have done the boring bits of cutting out material and papers, and tacking, so have just started to sew it all together, which is the bit I enjoy.  This one will be a pretty random one I think, and will use one of fabrics as the backing and binding as well.  Not sure what I will do with it, may try and sell it on ebay or may just use it in the pavillion holiday let.   Went to hobbycraft at the weekend (very briefly grrrr) all I bought were some lolly sticks though lol, not very interesting.  Am going to have a go at making some shutters for Lobster Tea Rooms (an idea pinched from my good friend Paula lol), also am going to have a go at making a wooden floor from the larger lolly sticks, not attempted that before so no idea how it will turn out, my wood skills are not great even with the humble lolly sticks lol.

Seem to have been sidetracked knitting tea cosies of all things.  First my sister asked if I could make her one, and now my daughter has said "ooh we need one, can you make us 1 or 2", so here we go with the knitting again!  So many jobs to do, I end up with too many on the go and never get round to any of them!  Should really do a bit of time management and have a day of each craft, rather than trying to juggle them all!   

Nothing else "mini" to report, not even bought anything off ebay, it's so boring, I hate the postie just walking past without a bundle of little parcels for me.  I really need to win the lottery so I can "spend spend spend"

First stages of papers & patches

All Tacked and Starting to Sew Together
Tea Cosy for my sister

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tablecloths & Seat Pads

Finally got round to making the tablecloths and seat pads for Lobster Tea Rooms.  Am quite pleased with them, they seem to fit in ok.  Not sure what else to do in Lobster, it could still do with some more "stuff" but not really sure what, probably more bits in the bedroom, need to come up with some ideas!

Not really done anything else very exciting dh wise today.  Put some flooring in the Pavillion, it's not quite what I wanted but it will have to do until I can afford some better stuff.  It looks ok for now, and hopefully will soon be covered with furniture and rugs so won't show that much anyway.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bit Obsessed with Patchwork

Seem to be a bit obsessed with the patchwork now!  Took all the papers and tacking out, couldn't believe how long it took or the mess!  I still keep picking bits of cotton off me!

Decided that after 20 years it really could do with a wash as well, so washed, dried and ironed it today as well, it looks a whole lot better!  Tried to take a couple of pics so you can see the fabrics better.  Now I need to get the wadding and backing sheet so I can finally finish it, it mustn't wait another 20 years to be completed!

Not sure what I'm going to tackle next.  Better get on with the pavillion I think, and make the tablecloths and cushions for Lobster.    Although I have a real urge to make another full size patchwork and more mini ones!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Full Size Patchwork

Having done my mini patchworks, it's spurred me on to retrieve from under the stairs my full size patchwork that has been languishing there for more years than I care to remember, awaiting being finished off!

Decided definitely had to be done, my sister is lending me her little sewing machine later in the week and I'm determined to get this finished!  Dragged and spread it out as need to measure it, hoping a flat bed sheet will be the right size so tape measure at the ready!  

Run out of patchwork pieces and as it's so old, it will be impossible to get more (it's Laura Ashley when they used to sell the fabric pieces) which as far as I know they don't anymore and i'm sure the patterned fabrics have long gone!  Was trying to work out how long it's been sitting around and it must be about 15-20 years ago!  Was certainly long before the boys were born, I'm pretty sure it was about 1990ish give or take a couple of years either side!  It's still even got the tacking and papers in it, so that's my next job, get them out and give it a good iron as it's been sitting in a carrier bag so is a wee bit creased!

Moment of truth, just measured and it's approx 60" wide (152cm) x 85" long (215cm), now I've just got to find out what sort of size is that!  Looks like it's bigger than a single but smaller than a double.  Was meant to fit a single bed which it probably would, will have to try it on the boys bed (without them seeing lol) see what sort of size it really is.  No idea what I'm going to do with it when I've finished it, will probably end up sitting in another cupboard for another 20 years!

Right time to tackle the tacking and papers!

Just thought I'd share it, although the pictures don't do the fabric justice, probably need to wait till tomorrow and take them in daylight without the flash.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lobster Patchwork

Managed to sew up the rest of the cushions and have put them all in Lobster.  I think they definitely look better than the coffee & cream patchwork quilt.

Have also brought down a table and chair from the coffee shop, next job is to make some tablecloths and seatpads.  Have to sort through the fabric and see what looks pretty.  Don't think I want it too "busy" as there's quite a lot of bits and pieces already in there and on the tables.  Might just get some plainish material and add bits of trim round the edges, that may look nice.  Have some nice pink or green gingham lace that will look nice I think.  Have to have a look through the more plain material and see what's in there.  Might even look better with just plain white with the border.

Well that's it for tonight, another day tomorrow!

Bit More Garden Pavillion

Well had a little play with the Pavillion this afternoon, painted the inside a soft blue and added the "glass" to the windows and doors and have added them in as well.  Still not sure what to do with the inside.  Thinking of doing some white "tongue and groove" panelling to the bottom half but not quite sure.  Still looking to do something with the floor as well.  Found a couple of sheets of flooring paper (one "wood" and one "tile") think that may have to do as I'm trying to keep the cost down.  Not really what I was looking to do, but it will do for now, can always change it later on.  Not bought anything for the inside yet, will have to start looking on ebay again.

Finished the last of my easter knits now, not going to do any more easter things, can't say they've been my favourite things to do, funny how some things you like and some things you don't.   Hopefully they will bring a few pennies on ebay will buy a couple of things anyway.  Think I'll start back on the nativity figures in readiness for next Christmas lol.   Although I have got a pattern and wool to do my great nephew a Fireman Sam, but we will see.

Just going to finish the cushions I started now and then hopefully add it to Lobster Pot.  Still not made the tablecloths and seatpads for the cafe either, must do them.  So many things on this ever growing list, think it gets so big I end up doing nothing at all!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Easter Bunnies!

Well, didn't expect to be home this week as though I'd be in hospital having my gallbladder out.  Unfortunately i got a rotten cold and the anaesthetist decided I wasn't well enough to have it done so was sent home!  So just got to wait for another appointment now.

Not done any mini-ing as wasn't expecting to be home this week, but I have made some rather cute bunnies with easter eggs!  I'm really enjoying making these and shall put these on ebay at some stage along with the few easter chicks and a couple of creme  egg cosy things I've made.

I did sew up some cushions etc., to go with the patchwork quilt I made, but haven't got round to stuffing them yet, must dig them out (put everything away in readiness for being away lol), and then put them in Lobster and see how they look there.

Not really anything else exciting, not sure what I shall do next.  Think I will paint the inside of the pavillion in readiness to laying the floor and possibly the wood panelling for the bottom half of the walls.  Then must put the windows and doors back in and see how they look.

Glad to say the outside seemed to dry ok and can't see any cracks of anything, think I will leave it white.  Need to decide what I'm doing with the roof as well, think it will end up with just some roof slate paper on the top, but not 100% sure yet.

Anyway here's a couple of pics of the bunnies


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pavillion Polyfilla Started!

Well I had a bash at the polyfilla/pva method of doing the external finish on the old Garden Pavillion.  Also gave the windows and doors a final coat of paint as well.

The polyfilla was quite a fun way, but oh boy did I make a mess with it, was flying everywhere!  I started off with a brush but soon got fed up with that, and ended up using my hands, very messy indeed!  It looks better than I thought it would and I think I will leave it alone!  Not even sure I will paint it either.  Just sitting here waiting and praying it doesn't all crack and fall off as it dries!  Fingers crossed!    I think the windows will be ok and even the old patio doors (that are just now a large window lol) with the strut in place looks ok, well it will have to as I can't replace it!

That's really been my mornings work so far, just got to leave it alone, i keep fiddling with it but must have hands off!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Patchwork Done!

Well my mini patchwork is finished now.  Not quite how I wanted it to turn out, but decided not to wait till i got to the fabric shop, so made do with what I had.  

Did a bit more painting on The Garden Pavillion, managed to put the door frame back together, and have given it a coat of paint, just off to finish the other side now before bed, let it dry overnight.   Made a strut for the middle of the door frame so hoping it will either look like a big picture window or a patio door. 

May try my hand at doing the outside tomorrow, going to try a pollyfilla/pva mix, not sure what it will turn out like though, bit scary as if it's no good don't think it will ever come off!  Will give it a go anyway, see how it looks afterwards.  Hoping to get the same sort of finish as on my other houses so it will fit in.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pavillion Revamped!

After thinking about it for a long while, I finally retrieved the Garden Pavillion from the depth of my wardrobe!  I had done it before, but never really liked it, and I broke the doors and windows (doh!) while putting it together, my excuse is it was my first ever build, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  Well after hacking out the windows and doors, I then discovered I couldn't find any replacement ones the right size, contacted dhe and they didn't have any either!  So Plan B was to take them all apart, glue the broken bits back to together and paint them again, so I've done that apart from the french doors, so the windows are, shall we say "modified" and painted, and the side door's been glued back together and painted.  Still got the front doors which at a pinch I may be able to glue and paint, but have ordred a large georgian style window which should, and I say "should" with fingers crossed fit, which I'll modify a bit so it doesn't look georgian, well that's the theory, will have to wait till it arrives though.  I think I will make it a "Room to Let", it's a reasonable size so should be able to fit everything in and it will have a bright seasidey theme hopefully, with bed, living space and kitchenette and hopefully a loo and sink, will have to see how much room I have really!

My other project this weekend is making a mini patchwork, didn't take me as long as the others did so that was a good thing, but definitely going to invest in a rotary cutter for the material, much quicker than marking it out and cutting it, never used one before so hoping that's the case anyway!   I've not finished it off yet, need to find some fabric to back it with, but I've enjoyed it so far, you'll have to excuse the pics as it's still got the papers and tacking thread in, which I shall remove tonight and press it, then just the backing to do, although have to say that's the bit I like least both in miniature and full size!

I shall try and borrow a sewing machine to at least do my full size one, but the mini one I shall do by hand.