Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mini Red Patchwork

Haven't managed to do much mini-ing again, but have started a litte red patchwork quilt.  Have done the boring bits of cutting out material and papers, and tacking, so have just started to sew it all together, which is the bit I enjoy.  This one will be a pretty random one I think, and will use one of fabrics as the backing and binding as well.  Not sure what I will do with it, may try and sell it on ebay or may just use it in the pavillion holiday let.   Went to hobbycraft at the weekend (very briefly grrrr) all I bought were some lolly sticks though lol, not very interesting.  Am going to have a go at making some shutters for Lobster Tea Rooms (an idea pinched from my good friend Paula lol), also am going to have a go at making a wooden floor from the larger lolly sticks, not attempted that before so no idea how it will turn out, my wood skills are not great even with the humble lolly sticks lol.

Seem to have been sidetracked knitting tea cosies of all things.  First my sister asked if I could make her one, and now my daughter has said "ooh we need one, can you make us 1 or 2", so here we go with the knitting again!  So many jobs to do, I end up with too many on the go and never get round to any of them!  Should really do a bit of time management and have a day of each craft, rather than trying to juggle them all!   

Nothing else "mini" to report, not even bought anything off ebay, it's so boring, I hate the postie just walking past without a bundle of little parcels for me.  I really need to win the lottery so I can "spend spend spend"

First stages of papers & patches

All Tacked and Starting to Sew Together
Tea Cosy for my sister

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  1. The new patchwork colours are so pretty. It's going to look fantastic when you've finished. I'm looking forward to seeing it complete.

    Your full size patchwork has inspired me to dig out my Leanne's House BOM quilt - Thankful Hearts. I'm just mustering up the steam to get going on it and even went and bought a new 15 inch square as I've misplaced my old one (and now that I have a new one the old one will turn up in days...always the way) :D