Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bit Obsessed with Patchwork

Seem to be a bit obsessed with the patchwork now!  Took all the papers and tacking out, couldn't believe how long it took or the mess!  I still keep picking bits of cotton off me!

Decided that after 20 years it really could do with a wash as well, so washed, dried and ironed it today as well, it looks a whole lot better!  Tried to take a couple of pics so you can see the fabrics better.  Now I need to get the wadding and backing sheet so I can finally finish it, it mustn't wait another 20 years to be completed!

Not sure what I'm going to tackle next.  Better get on with the pavillion I think, and make the tablecloths and cushions for Lobster.    Although I have a real urge to make another full size patchwork and more mini ones!

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