Monday, 5 December 2011

Updated At Last

Well finally got around to playing a bit of dollshouse and updating my blog!

Had to move Boathouse and Driftwood today, they have taken up residence in my bedroom.  Needed the space downstairs for the christmas decorations!  Moving them was a good thing though, gave me a chance to add some little bits and pieces here, and add the lovely things Paula sent me, gorgeous driftwood picture, glasses and shell basket for Bill and Maggie's new cats and bag and other little bits and pieces here and there.  Also had another play with Lobster, added some little cakes and tea things to the living room and tea rooms, also added some little bits and pieces that again Paula sent me (what would I do without her!), and a couple of extra ornaments for the bedroom.  

Bill had to lose his outside lavvy, it's had to move into the garden at Lobster so he'll have to have a little walk when he needs the little boys room!  Never mind he's got his glasses now so at least he can see where he's going!

Am feeling quite smug at the moment as I've now wrapped all my christmas presents and wrote all my christmas cards today as well.  Have started with the decorations but only got a few up so far.  Got to do the tree and all the hanging things as well, oh joy!

Have still been busy knitting as well!  It never ends!  Have sold a couple of the nativity sets on ebay, and a few other bits that i've knitted.  Snowmen are my latest favourites, am knitting them for my niece and nephew, hope they like them, I have to say I'm rather fond of them, may sell a few of those on ebay as well!

Think that's about it for now, must get on and do something!