Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Neglected Garden Pavillion!

Seem to have been neglecting my mini-ing recently, but had a recent burst of activity and have made a start (albeit a slow one!) and have started the garden pavillion again.

Managed to get a few pieces for it, I did want a kitchen as well, but there just isn't the room.  Have to say I didn't realise how little floor space there is!  There is a garden part as well, but honestly don't think there's any room for it, so I probably will just leave that well alone.  The garden must be about the same size as the pavillion itself and I just don't have the room.

So it's ended up as just a bedroom come living room really.  It's still pretty bare, I need some bits and pieces and things for the walls as well, so trying to keep the seaside theme going, so will have to go hunting on ebay!

I've still been doing the knitting, tea cosies at the moment!  Not sure what I'll be doing next, will just see what sells and what doesn't!  I've got all the wadding now for my full size patchwork, so that really should be my next job.

I've also got the shabby chic bug real bad at the moment and have decided to do the dining end of my kitchen in shabby chic style.  I think I shall require the services of the shabby chic expert, Paula, to help and guide me, it's her cottages/shops that have got me all fired up!

Anyway here's the progress on the pavillion so far.  Still not decided what to do with the roof!

Monday, 19 March 2012

More Mini Knitting

Seem to have been doing a lot of knitting at the moment!  Made a few more little jumpers and hats, and thought I better not leave the girlies out, so made a lady's outfit as well.

Still not done anything to the pavillion, I really must get off my butt and sort some things out.  Better get over to ebay and sort it!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mini Knitting!

Have been busy knitting some mini jumpers and hats for my friend Paula.  I really quite enjoy mini knitting, am going to do a bit more over next few days, some more jumpers and hats, all different designs, also going to give some knitted trousers a go, now I'm not sure about knitted trousers, but thought I'd try them for a change. 

Have got some nice wools so am going to try some aran and cable jumpers, and will do a few "girly" bits as well, they need some jumpers and cardi's and maybe the odd skirt!.  Might do a little bit more "baby and toddler" knitting as well.  Will keep some of them and probably sell some on ebay as well, need to make pennies to fund my dollshouse habit!  Still lots of things to get for the Pavillion Holiday Let and hopefully this will help me buy a few things.

Will probably do the knitting over the weekend and then see what takes my fancy next!  I have a feeling it may be another patchwork, I'm dying to do a lilac one, so can see that being next, would like to get to the fabric shop again and see what other fabrics I can pick up, but think that may just confuse the matter!

Anyway, here's the little jumpers for Paula

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More Mini & Mini Mini Patchworks!

This is my last lot of mini patchworks for now, although keep looking at all the material and keep thinking "just one more", but I must get on with other things, e.g. mini knitting!  Of course must finish my full size quilt as well.

Anyway have made a single patchwork, again in the pink theme, and have now put both the double and single on ebay so will see if they sell.  The red one will sell, which is good, I'm sure if they don't I can find a use for them, and I know Paula's got her eye on the big pink one as well lol.

Have been planning on getting on with the pavillion holiday let as well, I can't let it keep sitting out in the hall all forlorn, it needs it's roof doing and it needs some furnishing and filling up with bits and pieces and of course "stuff" on the wall as well!  I shall of course be nipping over to Paula's Quayside to pinch some ideas as well lol.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mini Pink Patchwork Finished

Managed to finish the latest patchwork this evening, using yet another finishing method!  I will find one I really like soon, well I hope so.

I'm quite pleased with it and it looks very pretty.  Onto the next one now as I did get a bit carried away when I was tacking the patches for this one, so should have enough to make a single quilt this time.  Have added another fabric to it as well just so that it's a bit different, they're never the same anyway as I seem to have got hooked on random rather than any actual pattern.  May try a more "patterned" one next time, just have a few fabrics and have a proper design. 

That's been about it really, no other mini-ing just making mini patchworks!  Must do something different else I will bore myself (and you!) stupid!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Halfway Through

Seem to have spent last day or so sewing papers into patches!  It's a slow old job!  Have now started to put it all together, it's quite pretty and think I'm about half way through the actual patchwork bit.  Then of course it's the finishing again.

Haven't really done that much else in the mini way and have quite a busy weekend ahead as well.  I've got my friend coming over lunchtime, we met when we started our first job together, so that was a very long time ago!   Think it was 1976/7, she lives in Peterborough now so we don't see much of each other, but she usually comes down to visit at least once a year so it's nice to have a good catch up.   We shall go out for a pub lunch which will be nice and spend the afternoon gossiping!   Then tomorrow I shall go and spend the day with mum, so not much mini-ing will be done!

I've decided to put the mini red patchwork on ebay, so will see how it goes.  I must make some more mini jumpers and hats as well, Paula would like a few and I shall probably make a few extra to go on ebay as well.  

Anyway that's my weekend, and here's the patchwork so far (please ignore the tacking threads, they are not very pretty!)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

More Mini Patchwork

Got a bit carried away cutting out patchwork pieces this evening!  Have ended up with rather a lot, but hoping it will make a double and a single quilt, but not worked it out 100% yet so will have to see.  Am just going to print off the graph paper and get making it.

Have been knitting the last few days, things for my good friend Paula, being a derrr brain forgot to take piccies and I've sealed it in the envelope now so it's too late!  But have been knitting some mini baby clothes and also a jumper for one of her dogs so when she's clipped she doesn't get cold!  No idea if it will fit but fingers crossed it will!

After these quilts think I will do a bit more mini knitting, got some new mini wool in some nice colours so fancy doing a few more jumpers/hats/dresses.  At least they're fairly quick so they don't take too long, then I must get knitting again for Christmas!  OMG can't believe I've just said that!  Intending to sell the nativity sets on ebay again this year, so wanted to get a few ready so it's not a mad rush like last year!

I shall be putting these quilts on ebay I think along with the last red one that I made, need to make a few pennies!  Will also put the mini knitting on there as well (once I've done it of course!)

Don't seem to have got round to any mini-ing for myself, I really must take myself in hand and give myself a kick up the butt!  There's still lots of things needed for Lobster as the living room and bedroom are both quite bare really and could do with filling up a bit more!

Anyway here's a pic of the materials for the new quilt, then back to the cutting!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Mini Red Patchwork Completed

Well finally finished the mini red patchwork, the finishing took me longer than anticipated (doesn't it always lol), tried a different way of finishing this time so there was quite a bit of doing and undoing!  Quite pleased with the finish, but think I prefer the way before and it's quicker too!  Still not bought the sheet or wadding for my fullsize quilt, but I am determined it will be done!

Not really done much else in the mini world,bought the lolly sticks to have a go at making a wooden floor for the holiday let (pavillion), but haven't started it yet.  Seem to keep getting waylaid by knitting requests lol.  Still got a tea cosy to knit for my daughter and now a pair of fingerless gloves for my sister, this is why no mini-ing is getting done, also lack of pennies isn't helping the situation either, but no excuse for not doing the floors or the shutters as I have got the stuff required for them!

Probably a lot is to do with the fact I'm still not "in love" with the Pavillion, same as I wasn't the first time I did it, thought I might be a bit more enthusiastic this time, but have to confess I'm not, I will finish it though, then will have to save some more pennies so I can buy another one of Julie's gorgeous cottages and I will be in love again!

Anyway, here is the finished quilt, might stick it on ebay, although not sure it's good enough to sell,  or may keep it for Bob (although think it may be a bit too flowery for him in reality) or may use it in the holiday let whenever I get round to buying some furniture for it!