Thursday, 8 March 2012

More Mini Patchwork

Got a bit carried away cutting out patchwork pieces this evening!  Have ended up with rather a lot, but hoping it will make a double and a single quilt, but not worked it out 100% yet so will have to see.  Am just going to print off the graph paper and get making it.

Have been knitting the last few days, things for my good friend Paula, being a derrr brain forgot to take piccies and I've sealed it in the envelope now so it's too late!  But have been knitting some mini baby clothes and also a jumper for one of her dogs so when she's clipped she doesn't get cold!  No idea if it will fit but fingers crossed it will!

After these quilts think I will do a bit more mini knitting, got some new mini wool in some nice colours so fancy doing a few more jumpers/hats/dresses.  At least they're fairly quick so they don't take too long, then I must get knitting again for Christmas!  OMG can't believe I've just said that!  Intending to sell the nativity sets on ebay again this year, so wanted to get a few ready so it's not a mad rush like last year!

I shall be putting these quilts on ebay I think along with the last red one that I made, need to make a few pennies!  Will also put the mini knitting on there as well (once I've done it of course!)

Don't seem to have got round to any mini-ing for myself, I really must take myself in hand and give myself a kick up the butt!  There's still lots of things needed for Lobster as the living room and bedroom are both quite bare really and could do with filling up a bit more!

Anyway here's a pic of the materials for the new quilt, then back to the cutting!

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  1. Sounds like you will be busy for a while ;).

    I'm sure Paula will put photos on her blog and can't wait to see her dog with it's jumper on, lol.