Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Neglected Garden Pavillion!

Seem to have been neglecting my mini-ing recently, but had a recent burst of activity and have made a start (albeit a slow one!) and have started the garden pavillion again.

Managed to get a few pieces for it, I did want a kitchen as well, but there just isn't the room.  Have to say I didn't realise how little floor space there is!  There is a garden part as well, but honestly don't think there's any room for it, so I probably will just leave that well alone.  The garden must be about the same size as the pavillion itself and I just don't have the room.

So it's ended up as just a bedroom come living room really.  It's still pretty bare, I need some bits and pieces and things for the walls as well, so trying to keep the seaside theme going, so will have to go hunting on ebay!

I've still been doing the knitting, tea cosies at the moment!  Not sure what I'll be doing next, will just see what sells and what doesn't!  I've got all the wadding now for my full size patchwork, so that really should be my next job.

I've also got the shabby chic bug real bad at the moment and have decided to do the dining end of my kitchen in shabby chic style.  I think I shall require the services of the shabby chic expert, Paula, to help and guide me, it's her cottages/shops that have got me all fired up!

Anyway here's the progress on the pavillion so far.  Still not decided what to do with the roof!

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  1. I love shabby chic too and it definately seems to be the in-style look in miniatures at the moment :).