Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mini Knitting for Paula

Although i haven't managed to update my blog, I have been busy mini knitting for my dear friend Paula for her shop at Quayside.

She wanted some Christmassy things for her wool and christmas shop, so i got busy with the mini needles!  I have to say I think my favourite is the reindeer jumper, i'm really pleased how it turned out

I've also done a bit of mini christmas patchwork as well.  Have made 1 mini double quilt and also a little wall hanging as well.

As well as these, have also made a snowman, santa and snowflake jumper and hat.  Also a little doll and golly, so I have been quite busy!

These will all be on their way to Scotland tomorrow

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Will it Ever Get Out

Now I am seriously beginning to wonder if Lake View will ever make it out the cupboard, let alone the box!  No, it definitely will, I just don't know when!  Life seems to take over somehow and my good intentions end up going out the window!  I seriously do want to get it started though. 

Have been mini knitting again for a friend on facebook who wanted a few bits and pieces, they are all finished now and will get the post on Monday.

I' ve also completed my first Mr Frosty snowman, I do enjoy knitting these!  Mrs Frosty will be following shortly.  I make these as gifts for my "little" relatives for Christmas, they do seem to enjoy them.  They should have umbrellas etc. as well, but I don't bother with these as they are for small children.

Half term this week as well, seem to be quite busy as well.  Off to Thorpe Park on Tuesday with the boys and my daughter.  Then Wednesday got to go into town, get the boys hair cut etc., pay for badminton course, etc. etc.  Then Thursday we are all of to mum's, help her do her shopping up at Sainsbury's (wonder if they'll let me buy the DHMS mag this time lol) and then we are off to lunch at the gorgeous Parlour Tearooms, omg their cakes are sooooooooooooo yummy you wouldn't believe!  Then rest of Thursday will involve sitting on the sofa not daring to move as I shall be so full up!

Got to do a few more knitting things in readiness for Chrimbo, and will do Paula's wall hanging patchwork for her Christmas shop.  Fireman Sam still got to be knitted as well, the list never ends! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Christmas Knitting

Just a quick little post as i'm a bit busy today, but wanted to show you my first Christmas mini knit, it's a cute snowman with snow falling all around!  Have to say it wasn't the easiest thing to knit as I did it from a pattern, and well, the pattern left a lot to be desired!

Well, here it is, hope you like it and I will be doing some more themed jumpers when i come back, well if I can get the enthusiasm up that is!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas Quilting

Well although I hate to say it, Christmas seems to be fast approaching!

Have made my 1st Christmas themed mini quilt, and I have to say I rather like it!  Shame to sell it, but needs must!  I don't do any Christmas themed mini stuff so it will be wasted and end up living in a cupboard here, so on ebay it has gone!

Still not started on Lake View (slapped wrist) just seem to be busy "making things" at the moment.  Got some Christmas toys to make, plus Christmas mini knits, plus more Christmas quilts!  It never ends!

I will get Lake View started though, I must, I must, I must!

Not had a brilliant couple of weeks I have to say, and now seem to have got a rotten cold which isn't helping my mood!  Kids  tut, they bring these germs home lol.

We are away at the weekend as well, (colds/flu permitting) on an Activity Weekend run by our local National Autistic Society, should be fun!  Glad to say i'm not doing the activities!  Not sure if Matthew will take part or not, i'm hoping he will, but if he decides not, then there's not a lot of pursuading him lol.

Anyway, here's the Christmas quilt, hopefully you'll be able to see all the Christmas themed fabrics.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Gorgeous Signs

Paula's daughter, Bethany, has made me some gorgeous new signs for my little shabby shop and also for the newly named Cove Cottage Tea Rooms (formerly Lobster Pot Tearooms) but they moved to larger premises!

The signs are absolutely gorgeous, Bethany is a very talented young lady!    I have added a few new bits and pieces to both Cove and Lobster, and even the little shop, but not done very much to the shop really.

I have to say I have been busy doing other "crafty" things.  Made quite a few patchwork quilts and am about to start on a Christmas themed quilt.  Also been doing quite a bit of mini knitting as well and again just about to start some christmas mini knits.  I've also completed 2 nativity sets (not mini), hopefully to sell all these on ebay!  Need some money for Christmas and also to get Lake View started, which I'm ashamed to say is still sitting in the cupboard unopened!  I must get it started, it's a lovely house and i've got an idea how I want it decorated inside and out, must get the motivation to start it!

I've also got quite a few things to do for Christmas presents as well.  Got to knit a Fireman Sam for my little great nephew who is mad on him.  Also got to knit a couple of my favourite snowmen as well for christmas presents, and also have bought some material to make some patchwork cushions to give as Christmas presents.  I think I'm going to be busy!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Halloween must be on its way!

All I seem to have been doing recently is mini knitting!  Lake View hasn't made it out the box yet, and in fact not much else has been done at all ANYWHERE!

I've recently tried my hand at some spooky halloween knits, no patterns for them, just been made up and adapted from other stuff.

These are the 4 i've done so far, have to say i think the only one I really like is the pumpkin one.

I've also finished the mini knitting for my dear friend Paula as well, and have been doing a few other bits and pieces for friends as well, plus another 3 of the little dolls!  They seem to be popular I have to say, but very time consuming and very very fiddly!

Anyway here's the little stash that I sent to Paula

Well that's been about it really, nothing terribly exciting!  Not sure what the next project will be, probably do another couple of halloween jumpers to put on ebay, see if they sell, and maybe another bunny one, but I've other stuff I need to do as well, like finish a nativity set, knit a fireman sam for my nephew and also got to make some mini christmas quilts, plus mini xmas jumpers as well!  So much to do really I frighten myself sometimes lol.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lake View & Mini Knitting

Well I'm ashamed of myself for not updating my blog sooner, can't believe it's been this long!

Well what's new, well I've bought Lake View as I wanted something a bit bigger and quite contemporary, have to say it hasn't made it out of the box yet, but it will do very soon.#

I seem to have been very busy mini making and nativity knitting!  That seems to be all i've done recently.  Completed 1 knitted nativity set and half way through a second.  Also been making lots of other little mini jumpers and outfits to sell on ebay, along with my mini quilts.  My dear friend Paula is also opening a mini knitting shop in one of her gorgeous houses, so i'm busy knitting some bits and pieces for her.

Here's a few of my recent creations

Monday, 30 July 2012

And Another Quilt!

Definitely need to sort my addiction to mini quilting.  Just finished yet another one!  I must start to do another project.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Yet more quilts, but not much else!

I still seem to be sadly lacking in the dollshouse department!  My excuses are the dreaded school holidays.

We've been out and about this week, been to Bournemouth beach 2 days and Mudeford Quay 1 time.  We were meant to be crab fishing at Mudeford, and after spending £20 in the shop on lines, buckets, nets, bait etc., they failed to catch a single crab lol.  Have to say neither did anybody else though, so wasn't just us.  Think the crabbing is better in the afternoon, and it was absolutely packed there and sooooooooo hot, and there's not a lot of shade there either!

Anyway back to mini-ing, have managed to make 2 new quilts and just starting on another one now.  Then will do some hexagon ones just so I don't get too bored!  Dollshouses are being sadly neglected at the moment, I still need some bits and pieces for the kitchen in Lobster, the cooker unit is still looking very bare.  I must get some boxes etc., to put on the empty shelves.  Otherwise they are all pretty well complete.  I need some pennies so I can buy a new house and start all over again lol.  Although where I'd put a new house I haven't a clue!  But oooh I do feel the urge for a new property.  Not sure what though, I still love Julie's houses and I keep peeking at the 2 she's got on ebay, but they're not exactly what I'm looking for.  Also keep looking at a couple on DHE but they are soooo big I'm really not sure I do have room enough for them, but I do want to have a house that has kitchen/living/bed/bathroom and attic, so quite a big house whichever way you look!

Anyway, I'm blabbering on again about nothing much in particular, so here are the 2 new quilts!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Selling Quilts & Dollshouse Stuff!

I have been asked a couple of times if I do sell my quilts.  The answer is, yes I do, I just make them cos I enjoy making them really.  I've got all the ones I need, I just love making them lol.

Anyway, I do sell either via ebay or via my selling page on Facebook (no ebay fees that way lol).

You are welcome to have a look at either, and I'm very happy to answer any questions etc.

The link Facebook is My Facebook Selling Page   You're also very welcome to add me as a friend on facebook as well.  You should be able to find me Deborah Lane.

My ebay stuff is located at My ebay page

Just finishing off a blue quilt at the moment, but been at the beach with the boys today, had a lovely day, a bit pink, but fun just the same.  My bed is calling me now though, that sea air has done its stuff!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Mini Knitting & Quilts Again!

Been quite a busy week really, don't seem to have been at home very much which makes a nice change!

Oh dear the dreaded Summer holidays have started today as well, 2 teenage boys one of whom is autistic as well, are going to make for an interesting 6 weeks lol.

Had the dog groomer over on Tuesday so the dogs are looking and smelling a bit better now.  I've got a pic of Sophie the westie, but Berry absolutely hates the camera and ends up hiding from it, she's also very black so she never photographs well either, plus she'll just keep backing away!

Here she is just chilling after her haircut!

Onto mini-ing, have done a little bit of knitting, made quite a cute jumper with a rabbit on the front which I sent to my dear friend Paula as I know she loves rabbits, unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of it before I sent it.  I really wasn't too sure about it, it ended up facing the opposite way that I intended, but I don't think it was too bad for a first attempt!  Will have a go at making a couple more and see if I like them any better.   Also did a little mini set for a dollshouse lady which I quite like as well.  But I'm easily bored and ended up making another quilt!  I am definitely addicted to them!  This one is much more subdued that my usual ones, I've decided it's an autumnal one!  Have already sorted out the next lot of material which will be a darkish blue flavour one.  Then back to my favourites of Cath Kidston and florally ones.  But I must remember that I still have more nativity sets to make as well, must not get carried away too much with the quilts!  I must put them on ebay as well, I keep meaning to, but then keep forgetting!

Right here's the piccies.  Will have some other housey pics to show you next week, Paula's daughter, Bethany has made me some new signs, one for the shabby shop and one for Cove Cottage, which I will reveal next week.   I've had a sneak preview of them and they are absolutely gorgeous as usual.   That certainly is one talented family!

Anyway here are the pics of the mini ladies set and the newest mini quilt.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cath Kidston Mini Patchwork

At the moment I seem to be obsessed with mini patchworks!  Completed another one this evening, made out of Cath Kidston fabrics, I do love her fabrics!

My poor fingers are sore now though lol, think I've done too many!  Even with a thimble I always seem to catch the skin, or more recently keep piercing my thumbnail lol. 

I'd really like to do a green theme patchwork next as I've not done green yet and have sorted out some green fabrics, but think my fingers are too sore and my eyes are too tired to do another one yet, we shall see tomorrow!

If I don't do another quilt think it will have to be some more mini knitting!  Not done any for a little while, so will make a change, then will have to go back to the nativity knitting.

Still waiting for some more things for Lobster bathroom, but they won't be coming till the end of next week now as the lady I ordered them from forget to tell me she was going on holiday for 2 weeks lol.

I shall have to find some projects to do for my own houses, just I seem to have run out of ideas!  Meanwhile I shall keep making things to sell so that when I do see something I like I can buy it!  Waiting for free listing on ebay but i've either missed them or there just haven't been any.  Got all these mini quilts to sell now lol, plus a few other bits and pieces and no doubt will be more mini knitting as well!  Come on ebay!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Lobster, Cove & Patchwork

My little wicker chair arrived this morning from Rose at Cute and Crafties, I have to say I absolutely love it!  Really is beautifully made and perfect in every way.  It has now found it's way into Lobster Pot Cottage bathroom.  I'm still waiting for some things for the bathroom to arrive, no sign of them yet, think I will have to enquire where they are, I'm getting impatient!

Finally got round to taking the pictures of the new Cove Cottage sign made for me by the talented Julie (cottagekitty), she really is so talented and I love her signs and they always look perfect on Julie Bennett's cottages as well.

Have taken a few pics of both Cove and Lobster as I have been adding things slowly but surely!

Also finished another blue mini quilt, not sure what I am doing with them all, or why I'm making them apart from the fact that I enjoy it.  Think they will all end up on ebay as I have far too many quilts and nowhere to put them lol.

Weather was nice this morning, but it's looking decidedly black up there again so reckon we are in for some more rain!

Anyway, here are the latest pics

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Is It Really July!

I can't believe it's July already!  Although weatherwise you'd have a hard job guessing it was Summer!  Today seems to be about the first day in months that we've had a sunny day, I've even managed to go out and cut the grass.

The Olympic torch came to town today as well, the boys had the day off school, and went down and watched although they couldn't see much lol.

Haven't really done much mini-ing, am waiting for a few bits from ebay and a wicker chair from Rose from Cute and Crafties, hopefully will all be here by the weekend and I shall be able to put some piccies on of Cove Cottage (along with it's new lovely sign made by Julie (cottage kitty)) and the few bits I've added to Cove and Lobster.  Poor Driftwood and Boathouse do seem to have been neglected recently!

Oh I seem to have a new resident of the Shabby Shop (still unamed), as you can see from this pic!

She seems to have taken up residence!

To follow on from my quilt tutorial, I finally got round to finishing the little quilt I started.  I seem to have been knitting nativity stuff for ages, I forgot how long the sets take to complete, but I wanted to get a head start ready for, dare I say it, Christmas!

So here's the new mini quilts, I seem to have quite a few sitting in the cupboard now, 4 in total I think, 3 of mine and 1 I bought from someone else but no longer use.  I must get them on ebay!   I am already thinking about the next one, I really do enjoy doing them, just deciding what to do next, either another Cath Kidston fabric one, or a blue one or a green one, or even a any colour goes one!  Shall have to have a look through my bag of materials and see what grabs me!

Anyway I'm waffling on again as per usual, here's the finished quilt

Friday, 29 June 2012

Mini Patchwork Quilt Tutorial

I have been asked to do a little guide on how to make mini patchworks.  This is my first tutorial so it may be lacking lol.

Anyway to begin

Firstly decide what size quilt, patches and shape you want.  I would recommend for a beginner that you use a square patch rather than hexagonal as it gives you a nice straight edge at the end.

I usually use either 1cm squares or have now started using 1 inch squares which are a lot easier and quicker to work with, so we will use 1 inch squares for this.  You will need to decide how big your finished quilt will be.  With the larger patches I use 7 x 7 inches, or 9 by 9, but as 7 inches fits the width of the graph paper I would suggest you start with these.  

Visit this site   where you will be able to make and print your graph paper.  Just select the A4 and 1 inch in squares, then print it off.  If you want to do a rigid design you may want to run 2 sheets off, 1 to cut up and 1 to make your design on, I have to say I never bother with this as mine are always pretty random!

Anyway, once you've printed your graph paper, cut it into all the individual squares that you need.  Also make a cardboard template slightly bigger than one of the squares to use as a guide for the material squares which will be bigger than the paper patches.

Using the larger template begin to cut out the squares of fabric, they don't need to be 100% accurate as they will be folded over the paper patches so don't worry if they're not perfectly straight and square.

You will end up with a large pile of patches and papers

Next it's time to tack the papers and fabric together.  I know other people that use other methods which are quicker but I've never found them successful but that's probably just me, so feel free to try them.   One way is to spray starch the fabric and fold it over the patches.  Another way is to glue stick the paper patches and fold the fabric over.  I have to say they've never worked for me, so I go to the more laborious route of tacking!   Just roughly tack (with a completely different colour thread to make it easier when removing), folding over a small amount as you go.  They really do only need to be tacked with a few stitches, just to keep the corners down.

So now you should end up with a whole pile of tacked patches.  Now it's time to begin sewing them together.   Place 2 patches right sides together and using a colour thread that will blend in, begin oversewing on the very edge, trying not to sew the papers inside the patches, not easy and it isn't a disaster if you do catch the edge of the papers.  To start off just do a few oversewing stitches just to secure the thread, then work along the edge of the patch, try and get as many patches sewn together using the same thread, if you're doing a random patchwork you can get quite a few.  You can always do a couple of stitches back the other way to join another patch, just saves keep breaking the thread.  When you come near the end of the thread just do a couple of stitches together to secure it.

The quilt comes together quite quickly at this stage and you'll end up with patches together something like this

When you've got them all sewn together to the size you want, it's time to get the iron out!

Give the quilt a quick iron, just to reinforce the folded corners really.  Now it's time to take the tacking and papers out.  This is fiddly but persrvere!  It does make a mess with bits of cotton everywhere!  But the end is in sight.   When I've got the papers and tacking out I give it a very quick iron just to smooth it all out and keep those corners folded in.

You now have a nearly finished quilt!

To finish it, again there are many methods!  I don't use any wadding in mini quilts as it makes them a bit too stiff.   A very simple way is to just cut another piece of material the same size as your finished quilt and right sides together sew them together, just leaving enough room to turn it right side out and then ladder stitch the opening together.

The method I use, I found here.  Rather than writing it all again, just visit this blog.  It's for a full size quilt but it's exactly the same for a mini quilt, just easier and smaller!  Just adjust the amount of fabric needed for the turnover, you won't need much as the quilt is quite small.

and also a quickie on invisible ladder stitch

This is the method I usually use on my mini quilts.   If you have used hexagons you will need to make sure that the edge is big enough to cover the spaces between the edge hexes.  Another way for hexagons is to applique them onto another piece of fabric and then use one of the methods to join it together.

Alternatively, you can also use the very pretty bias binding that is available or plain binding  to join the front and back together, again using an invisible ladder stitch.  You can make your own bias binding type edging as well just by cutting strips of material.

Anyway you should end up with a finished quilt  that looks a bit like this

Honestly it is a lot easier than it sounds, and once you've started you won't be able to stop!

Hope you find this guide helpful and feel free to ask questions or to suggest ways of improving it!  I'm a novice and not sure how it will work for you!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Mini Quilt and Mini Knits

Have had a busy weekend knitting and patching!

Firstly made a few little baby dresses for my friend Sylvia, they're not for dollshouse babies, but for twin baby mice lol.

Then decided to have a go at making another patchwork quilt, but using bigger patches this time.  I still think it's a bit big, but it probably looks so different to the little tiny ones I do, I may get used to it.

Not really done that much else, have got a few bits and pieces to put around different places, but they've just sat in the box since Saturday, need to find my stash of beads etc., (and I can't think where i've put them lol) as well, got a few bits for Lobster's bedroom and a couple more bits for the shabby shop, but nothing terribly exciting, just bits and pieces really.

Anyway, here are the little dresses and the new quilt