Friday, 20 July 2012

Mini Knitting & Quilts Again!

Been quite a busy week really, don't seem to have been at home very much which makes a nice change!

Oh dear the dreaded Summer holidays have started today as well, 2 teenage boys one of whom is autistic as well, are going to make for an interesting 6 weeks lol.

Had the dog groomer over on Tuesday so the dogs are looking and smelling a bit better now.  I've got a pic of Sophie the westie, but Berry absolutely hates the camera and ends up hiding from it, she's also very black so she never photographs well either, plus she'll just keep backing away!

Here she is just chilling after her haircut!

Onto mini-ing, have done a little bit of knitting, made quite a cute jumper with a rabbit on the front which I sent to my dear friend Paula as I know she loves rabbits, unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of it before I sent it.  I really wasn't too sure about it, it ended up facing the opposite way that I intended, but I don't think it was too bad for a first attempt!  Will have a go at making a couple more and see if I like them any better.   Also did a little mini set for a dollshouse lady which I quite like as well.  But I'm easily bored and ended up making another quilt!  I am definitely addicted to them!  This one is much more subdued that my usual ones, I've decided it's an autumnal one!  Have already sorted out the next lot of material which will be a darkish blue flavour one.  Then back to my favourites of Cath Kidston and florally ones.  But I must remember that I still have more nativity sets to make as well, must not get carried away too much with the quilts!  I must put them on ebay as well, I keep meaning to, but then keep forgetting!

Right here's the piccies.  Will have some other housey pics to show you next week, Paula's daughter, Bethany has made me some new signs, one for the shabby shop and one for Cove Cottage, which I will reveal next week.   I've had a sneak preview of them and they are absolutely gorgeous as usual.   That certainly is one talented family!

Anyway here are the pics of the mini ladies set and the newest mini quilt.

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  1. Very beautiful knitted set. The quilt is gorgeous!
    Hugs, Drora