Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cath Kidston Mini Patchwork

At the moment I seem to be obsessed with mini patchworks!  Completed another one this evening, made out of Cath Kidston fabrics, I do love her fabrics!

My poor fingers are sore now though lol, think I've done too many!  Even with a thimble I always seem to catch the skin, or more recently keep piercing my thumbnail lol. 

I'd really like to do a green theme patchwork next as I've not done green yet and have sorted out some green fabrics, but think my fingers are too sore and my eyes are too tired to do another one yet, we shall see tomorrow!

If I don't do another quilt think it will have to be some more mini knitting!  Not done any for a little while, so will make a change, then will have to go back to the nativity knitting.

Still waiting for some more things for Lobster bathroom, but they won't be coming till the end of next week now as the lady I ordered them from forget to tell me she was going on holiday for 2 weeks lol.

I shall have to find some projects to do for my own houses, just I seem to have run out of ideas!  Meanwhile I shall keep making things to sell so that when I do see something I like I can buy it!  Waiting for free listing on ebay but i've either missed them or there just haven't been any.  Got all these mini quilts to sell now lol, plus a few other bits and pieces and no doubt will be more mini knitting as well!  Come on ebay!


  1. Wow your patch work quilt is perfect. Love the colors. Well done

  2. Hi Debbie, I love this one. Where do you sell your quilts?

  3. Hi Diane, I sell my quilts on a facebook selling page or on ebay. I shall make a post with the links to them. Also sorry if you're after this Cath Kidston quilt, Paula and her mum bought both the Cath Kidston ones I've done, but I'm going to start another Cath Kidston one this week. It won't be exactly the same as this one, but will be similar. So glad you like it anyway.

  4. Lol, Paula always get there before me.