Monday, 30 April 2012

New Shop and Finished Patchwork

Whoop Whoop, got my new little shop today made by the ever-talented Julie, I'm in love with it already and it's still empty!   It is to go on a shelf in my newly decorated kitchen.  Shelf is still in the cupboard though, but hopefully I will get all the things on the wall this week, including my little shop!   I'm intending it to be full of shabby chic things, have been busy printing pictures etc., just hope they are the right size, I think they are but won't know until I get them in there.  On the hunt for shelves etc. now as well, am going to make some cushions and quilts as well, even bought my favourite Cath Kidston fabric to make them (I love the fabric), although think a lot of it is too big for dollshousing, but I will have a go with it and see what it looks like.

Today has been an interesting day, decided to do battle with the sewing machine (never used one before), was very proud of myself managed to thread it all and do the bobbins tried it out and perfect stitching, thought brilliant!   Got my full size quilt out, pinned all the wadding in and the backing then took it downstairs to finally sew, hmmmm well it didn't like it!  Ended up with a lot of blue air and then put it all away again for another day.  Decided it wasn't going to beat me, so have now finally (only taken 20 years lol) completed the quilt, back to old fashioned hand sewing, but it's done now.  It's been sitting around so long the fabric must be vintage Laura Ashley fabric now lol.  It's only a single size one, and my boys certainly don't want it, so it's now relegated to the airing cupboard, it's such a waste really, I have no idea what to do with it, probably spend the next 20 years in the airing cupboard.

I'm trying to keep myself busy as I'm finding it so hard to do this Milk Diet in readiness for my gallbladder op next week, 1 week down, 1 week to go.  4 pints of a milk a day and nothing else is extremely hard going, don't think I've ever been so grumpy and weepy!

Now some piccies of the shop and finished quilt!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Horrible Horrible Weather!

It's been an absolutely yukky week weatherwise, rained most of the time, really not inspirational!

I have managed to add a few bits of the Pavillion Holiday Let, it's more or less finished I think now.  Still got to do the roof, got the paper just not got round to do it.  I must get round to it, not really that much added, just a few more bits and pieces, I will still add to it, but for now it can lounge around lol.

Have been doing some mini knitting as well, and just ordered some more mini wool as well, so can do a bit more, need more colours as my colour stash is very depleted.

Got the dreaded milk diet to start on monday again, oh I'm not looking forward to that, but I've done it before (for the failed gallbladder op), must make sure I don't get ill again this time and that can finally have it done.  Last time I lost about 18lbs in the 2 weeks, so hopefully it will spur me on this time and also hopefully I'll go on a diet after i come out of hospital, and try and lose some weight again.

Anyway here's a few pics of the pavillion and the mini knits

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Where Does the Time Go!

Well I don't know where the time goes!  It seems ages since I updated here.

I've done a little bit more on the garden pavillion, have changed the sofa as it seemed too big, and got a lovely one from a clever lady called Sylvia, I think it looks a whole lot better.   Have gradually been adding bits and pieces to it, needs more knick knacks but I always have trouble sourcing them!  Dunno why it is but I can never find bits I like, or if I like them I can't afford them lol.

Still been busy knitting of course, tea cosies, iphone cosies, etc., as well as a bit of mini knitting which I'm doing again at the moment. 

Have finished doing painting my bathroom now, so it's time to start on my shabby chic kitchen now.  I've bought the paint and have been busy buying things to go in it, got quite a few bits and a lovely shelf as well.  Paula has been helping me choose things as she knows I can never make my mind up and if you've ever visited her blog (and I would strongly recommend it) she is my Shabby Chic Advisor!  I also bought quite a few bits in some lovely shops I visited when I went to Broadstairs in Kent (my absolute favourite place) over Easter.  Can't wait to go again, but we're not going again till September :-(

I've also just contact the talented Julie and asked her to make me a little shop that will sit on my new kitchen shelf.  Not 100% sure what it will be, but most likely candidate is a Seaside shop, but if you have any ideas then please let me know!

Anyway, a few piccies of the pavillion, i've also got the roof paper now, so it can finally have a roof!  The roof hasn't been on it for months!