Saturday, 21 April 2012

Horrible Horrible Weather!

It's been an absolutely yukky week weatherwise, rained most of the time, really not inspirational!

I have managed to add a few bits of the Pavillion Holiday Let, it's more or less finished I think now.  Still got to do the roof, got the paper just not got round to do it.  I must get round to it, not really that much added, just a few more bits and pieces, I will still add to it, but for now it can lounge around lol.

Have been doing some mini knitting as well, and just ordered some more mini wool as well, so can do a bit more, need more colours as my colour stash is very depleted.

Got the dreaded milk diet to start on monday again, oh I'm not looking forward to that, but I've done it before (for the failed gallbladder op), must make sure I don't get ill again this time and that can finally have it done.  Last time I lost about 18lbs in the 2 weeks, so hopefully it will spur me on this time and also hopefully I'll go on a diet after i come out of hospital, and try and lose some weight again.

Anyway here's a few pics of the pavillion and the mini knits


  1. Your mini knits are gorgeous!
    I love the room scene. Wonderful all.

  2. Your holiday let is looking lovely very cosy I am sure you will be fully booked for the summer! Love the knitting as always you are so clever they always look fab! :-) x