Thursday, 28 February 2013

"Pretend" Patchwork Quilts

Finally got round to having a play with some patchwork look fabrics that I had and made a few quilts.  I do rather like the little girl, holly hobbie type fabric.

These are very easy and quick to make thank goodness, but to be honest I'd rather make my proper patchwork ones.

I even had a go with the blue/yellow fabric with putting wadding in and then quilting it, but i'm not sure that finished effect is worth the effort!

Anyway here's a piccie of them so you can see for yourself.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fishy Jacket Finished

Finally finished the fishy jacket, at long last!  Have to say it's taken me even longer than the reindeer jumpers, but i'm quite pleased with the finished result.

Think it took so long as it's absolutely full of pattern, so involved many balls of wool hanging off the back and immense concentration lol.  Anyway it's done now thank goodness. 

Haven't really done much else today apart from finishing the jacket.

I've got to have a play with Beacon as only 2 out of the 4 lights are working at the moment, no doubt they have come a bit loose during transportation, will have a proper look when it's daylight again, sure it's just going to be a bulb loose or a loose wire in the plug.  It looks lovely lit up (well the upstairs and outside) as well.  Will sort the lights once it's light enough to see the wires properly lol. 

Don't know what I will be doing next, should really get Lake View underway, but am still very daunted by it, but hopefully once it's out it'll be easier than I think, famous last words!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Introducing Beacon Cottage

Yippee, Beacon Cottage has arrived from the talented Julie, it's really rather lovely!  Still not sure what I will do with it yet.  Can't decide whether it will be a new house for the new younger fisherman who is arriving soon, or whether to do some sort of shop with workshop attached.  No idea what sort of shop though!

Now I haven't forgotton i've got Lake View sitting in boxes in the cupboard and it will make an appearance in March!

I'm within sight of the end of knitting the little fishy jacket, hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and will post a pic of the completed article, can't believe how long it's taken, i've been busy doing this and that so it's taken me longer than usual, but as it's completely full of pattern and colours takes a lot of concentration, which can be a problem with me lol.

Took this piccie this evening as both my cats decided that there was room on my little shop for them to sit on, usually they sleep on it one at a time, and it's usually first come first lay on it!  I really must find somewhere else for it, as it's doing it no good being a cat bed!

Have to admit they do look quite cute though!  Maybe I should have made it in to a pet shop!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fishy Jumper!

Having finished the quilt, what was going to be the new project.  Well if truth be told it should have been Lake View, but of course it wasn't.

Have had this little fishy long jacket pattern since before Christmas and decided to give it a whirl!  It's taking ages I have to say as the pattern is absolutely everywhere, so it's a slow slog, but I do enjoy making them.  Here's a piccie of it so far, this is the back (excuse the pins, am just blocking it as it has a tendancy to curl up, which is fine once it's sewn up but annoys me hugely beforehand!)

Will try and get this finished, although it will be slow old job!

And in other news, I've now paid for Beacon Cottage and it should be on it's way to me on Friday, unfortunately i'm out all day today and tomorrow so asked Julie if you could wait till Friday to post so I should get it Saturday or Monday, can't remember if they deliver Saturday or not!

Here is Beacon Cottage, had to pinch the piccie off of Julie's page so it's her Fisherman and plants outside, will post more when I get it.  Still no idea what to make the house into, so answers on a postcard please!

That's about it for now, won't be getting that much done today as i'm over at my mum's and then at Fat Club tonight, so no time for mini things.

Monday, 18 February 2013

More Quilting and Been Naughty!

Finally finished the Fireman Sam jumper for my great nephew, thank goodness!  It drove me mad, safe to say I won't be knitting any more of them!

Lake View is still sitting unopened in the cupboard, tut at me.  It will make an appearance soon!

Just finished a little quilt for my dear friend Paula, this is for her new Vicar who will be living in the new Rectory.  Had to try and not make it "pretty" not easy as I love pretty fabrics!  Here is the progress and finished quilt.  The squares are 1cm each and I think I used a total of 168 tiny patches!  Took a lot of patience I have to say, I don't mind the sewing it all together, it's the tacking of the papers in that drives me mad and then getting them all out again!

Am making 2 more quilts for Paula for her new servants quarters as well, so that will keep me busy for a

Now for the naughty bit!  I shall be taking possession of a new house next week, by the ever talented Julie.  This is called Beacon Cottage, now I haven't any idea what it will be, maybe a new house or maybe a shop, I really can't decide.  Hoping inspiration will hit me when I see it.   This new acquisition is, of course, as usual, all Paula's fault!  She is a very, very bad influence, and is always blamed for my purchases lol.

Well that's it for now, better go and feed the children!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Still Here!

Just so you know I'm still around! 

I seem to have been busy knitting again, full size rather than mini, but have quite a few projects lined up mini wise, some more quilts mainly!

At the moment i'm knitting a Fireman Sam jumper for my great nephew, also named Sam!  I have to say the picture was quite challenging and I ended up with about 12 balls of wool attached at one time, drove me mad!

Am going to be doing a couple of mini quilts for my friend Paula, and I've also unearthed some cute fabric that I bought yonks ago, have bought some co-ordinating plain fabric and will make a couple of quilts from that as well, it is a patchwork style fabric so i shall just put it all together, shouldn't take nearly as long as the proper patchworks but hopefully will look nearly as nice!  Well that's the theory anyway.

After I've made these quilts, my next project, most definitely, without any delay will be Lake View, although I still find it quite scary I do have a yearning at the moment to get it out the cupboard and open the boxes!  I have a feeling it is going to take me forever to do, there's a lot of wood to stain, although I prefer staining to painting, and i'm not 100% sure what to do with the outside yet either, let alone the roof!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Even More Mini Knitting

Have to say the mini knitting seems to have taken over again!  I do enjoy doing it though so I mustn't complain.

Over the weekend I've completed 2 more of the mini rag dolls for a lady on Facebook, here's a piccie of them

Then this evening a made a few little bobble and beanie hats, for no reason in particular lol, and have put them on ebay now!  They would be great for a little display in a shop or just for dolls to wear as it's still a bit chilly out there.  Here's a piccy of them

I think that's all the mini knitting i've done since the little school jumpers.

I have finished a little jacket for my great niece, don't know if it fits yet as i've not seen her but my sister will take it down to her next week.  That's been about it on the knitting front.

I've been naughty this evening and ordered more fabric for mini patchworking!  Why do I do it, i've got tons of fabric already  lol, sometimes it's just hard to resist!

I shall be trying to keep busy now as i'm back on the Slimming World wagon, so best to be occupied and not constantly thinking about food!

Lake View still hasn't made it out the cupboard!  I've no excuse really, just the scale of the job putting me off!  Why oh why did I buy it in blank kit form!  It must be done though, am hoping when i do get it out the box it spurs me on to build it and doesn't put me off forever!

I've still not made a "selling page" on my blog, slapped wrist again, but if you do see anything i've already made either knitting or patchworking then just give me a shout and we can sort it out, can do many colours other than those shown, if i've got the colour I can make it!

Just been browsing ebay again looking for a little poseable baby doll as i'm itching to knit some mini baby clothes got some lovely patterns, but would like to display them on a baby doll, think they always look better and it makes it much easier to get a decent fit although saying that different dolls seem to vary in size so it doesn't really help!

Just going to watch Ripper Street (Mr Selfridge is recording) and then I think an early night is in order again, must try and get a decent nights sleep!