Sunday, 3 February 2013

Even More Mini Knitting

Have to say the mini knitting seems to have taken over again!  I do enjoy doing it though so I mustn't complain.

Over the weekend I've completed 2 more of the mini rag dolls for a lady on Facebook, here's a piccie of them

Then this evening a made a few little bobble and beanie hats, for no reason in particular lol, and have put them on ebay now!  They would be great for a little display in a shop or just for dolls to wear as it's still a bit chilly out there.  Here's a piccy of them

I think that's all the mini knitting i've done since the little school jumpers.

I have finished a little jacket for my great niece, don't know if it fits yet as i've not seen her but my sister will take it down to her next week.  That's been about it on the knitting front.

I've been naughty this evening and ordered more fabric for mini patchworking!  Why do I do it, i've got tons of fabric already  lol, sometimes it's just hard to resist!

I shall be trying to keep busy now as i'm back on the Slimming World wagon, so best to be occupied and not constantly thinking about food!

Lake View still hasn't made it out the cupboard!  I've no excuse really, just the scale of the job putting me off!  Why oh why did I buy it in blank kit form!  It must be done though, am hoping when i do get it out the box it spurs me on to build it and doesn't put me off forever!

I've still not made a "selling page" on my blog, slapped wrist again, but if you do see anything i've already made either knitting or patchworking then just give me a shout and we can sort it out, can do many colours other than those shown, if i've got the colour I can make it!

Just been browsing ebay again looking for a little poseable baby doll as i'm itching to knit some mini baby clothes got some lovely patterns, but would like to display them on a baby doll, think they always look better and it makes it much easier to get a decent fit although saying that different dolls seem to vary in size so it doesn't really help!

Just going to watch Ripper Street (Mr Selfridge is recording) and then I think an early night is in order again, must try and get a decent nights sleep!

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