Monday, 11 February 2013

Still Here!

Just so you know I'm still around! 

I seem to have been busy knitting again, full size rather than mini, but have quite a few projects lined up mini wise, some more quilts mainly!

At the moment i'm knitting a Fireman Sam jumper for my great nephew, also named Sam!  I have to say the picture was quite challenging and I ended up with about 12 balls of wool attached at one time, drove me mad!

Am going to be doing a couple of mini quilts for my friend Paula, and I've also unearthed some cute fabric that I bought yonks ago, have bought some co-ordinating plain fabric and will make a couple of quilts from that as well, it is a patchwork style fabric so i shall just put it all together, shouldn't take nearly as long as the proper patchworks but hopefully will look nearly as nice!  Well that's the theory anyway.

After I've made these quilts, my next project, most definitely, without any delay will be Lake View, although I still find it quite scary I do have a yearning at the moment to get it out the cupboard and open the boxes!  I have a feeling it is going to take me forever to do, there's a lot of wood to stain, although I prefer staining to painting, and i'm not 100% sure what to do with the outside yet either, let alone the roof!

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