Monday, 18 February 2013

More Quilting and Been Naughty!

Finally finished the Fireman Sam jumper for my great nephew, thank goodness!  It drove me mad, safe to say I won't be knitting any more of them!

Lake View is still sitting unopened in the cupboard, tut at me.  It will make an appearance soon!

Just finished a little quilt for my dear friend Paula, this is for her new Vicar who will be living in the new Rectory.  Had to try and not make it "pretty" not easy as I love pretty fabrics!  Here is the progress and finished quilt.  The squares are 1cm each and I think I used a total of 168 tiny patches!  Took a lot of patience I have to say, I don't mind the sewing it all together, it's the tacking of the papers in that drives me mad and then getting them all out again!

Am making 2 more quilts for Paula for her new servants quarters as well, so that will keep me busy for a

Now for the naughty bit!  I shall be taking possession of a new house next week, by the ever talented Julie.  This is called Beacon Cottage, now I haven't any idea what it will be, maybe a new house or maybe a shop, I really can't decide.  Hoping inspiration will hit me when I see it.   This new acquisition is, of course, as usual, all Paula's fault!  She is a very, very bad influence, and is always blamed for my purchases lol.

Well that's it for now, better go and feed the children!


  1. I once made the mistake of offering to knit my son a jumper, never again, will keep my mouth shut in future, looking forward to seeing the house and what you do with it, love the quilt

  2. Awww Deb the quilt is just perfect for the vicar! Nice dark colours but I think its still pretty but in a manly kind of way lol!! Can't wait to see your new cottage but I take no blame at all lol....ok well maybe a little bit of blame ha ha xx

  3. Love the quilt and yes Paula is a very bad influence as I am buying yet another one of her houses, lol.