Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fishy Jumper!

Having finished the quilt, what was going to be the new project.  Well if truth be told it should have been Lake View, but of course it wasn't.

Have had this little fishy long jacket pattern since before Christmas and decided to give it a whirl!  It's taking ages I have to say as the pattern is absolutely everywhere, so it's a slow slog, but I do enjoy making them.  Here's a piccie of it so far, this is the back (excuse the pins, am just blocking it as it has a tendancy to curl up, which is fine once it's sewn up but annoys me hugely beforehand!)

Will try and get this finished, although it will be slow old job!

And in other news, I've now paid for Beacon Cottage and it should be on it's way to me on Friday, unfortunately i'm out all day today and tomorrow so asked Julie if you could wait till Friday to post so I should get it Saturday or Monday, can't remember if they deliver Saturday or not!

Here is Beacon Cottage, had to pinch the piccie off of Julie's page so it's her Fisherman and plants outside, will post more when I get it.  Still no idea what to make the house into, so answers on a postcard please!

That's about it for now, won't be getting that much done today as i'm over at my mum's and then at Fat Club tonight, so no time for mini things.

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