Monday, 25 February 2013

Introducing Beacon Cottage

Yippee, Beacon Cottage has arrived from the talented Julie, it's really rather lovely!  Still not sure what I will do with it yet.  Can't decide whether it will be a new house for the new younger fisherman who is arriving soon, or whether to do some sort of shop with workshop attached.  No idea what sort of shop though!

Now I haven't forgotton i've got Lake View sitting in boxes in the cupboard and it will make an appearance in March!

I'm within sight of the end of knitting the little fishy jacket, hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and will post a pic of the completed article, can't believe how long it's taken, i've been busy doing this and that so it's taken me longer than usual, but as it's completely full of pattern and colours takes a lot of concentration, which can be a problem with me lol.

Took this piccie this evening as both my cats decided that there was room on my little shop for them to sit on, usually they sleep on it one at a time, and it's usually first come first lay on it!  I really must find somewhere else for it, as it's doing it no good being a cat bed!

Have to admit they do look quite cute though!  Maybe I should have made it in to a pet shop!


  1. The last photo is funny! Your cats are adorable.
    Bye Faby

  2. Your cats seem to agree that it should be a pet shop and they look so sweet and comfy :)