Friday, 25 January 2013

More Mini Knitting!

How's everyone enjoying the snow!  Luckily most of it's gone here, although the roads and paths are still treacherous, hopefully it will all be gone completely by Sunday.  Think we may be due a bit more tonight but am hoping it won't be very much if we do end up with some.

Not been able to go very far in this weather but have not been idle, well maybe as far as housework is concerned lol, but have been doing quite a bit of crafting, started knitting a jacket for my great niece, but of course mini knitting soon overtook!

Had an email from a very nice lady asking if I could make her 2 grey v necked school jumpers, for her "twins", of course I did, any excuse for a bit of mini knitting!  Well I managed to get them finished today and here they are

Although they are very plain, I really rather like them and they are very reminiscent of school days!

Also my dearest friend Paula asked me to make a few hats to boost her supplies in her knitting shop, so managed to make a few this evening which will be on their way tomorrow.  I do like hats and scarves and things like that as they are so quick to make.  Here they are

Paula's also asked for another doll, and I just happen to have one in the cupboard!  I'd forgotten about it, but a lightbulb has just come on and i've remembered I'd sold the golly doll but not the dolly doll, so that can head off tomorrow as well!

As you may have already guessed Lake View still hasn't made it out the box, it will do, it's got to!  It can't sit in the cupboard much longer, it's got to be done!  I've also got a gift voucher for hobbycraft from Christmas and i'm itching to use it!  I'm sure if I start Lake View i'll be finding lots of things to spend it on!

Well, that's enough for tonight, watching CBB and really hoping that Speidi don't win, keep hoping they are going out and they're still in grrrr!


  1. Your knitted items are so lovely, I really must find a place in one of my dolls houses to put some.