Friday, 11 January 2013

Is it really January!

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.

I can't believe it was November when I last posted!  Have to say haven't really done much mini-ing, Christmas sort of overtook!  I was still crafting but just  not mini!  Made quite a lot of things for Christmas presents, including patchwork cushions, gloves, scarves, etc. etc.  So it was definitely more a home made Christmas!

Still Lake View is sitting unopened in the cupboard.  I find it such a daunting project, very scary building from a bare kit, especially when it's in 2 separate boxes, well 3 if i include the garden room, but it will be built and decorated this year.

I have just started a mini quilt for my friend Paula.  It's made using the tiny 1cm hexagon patches, although I did seem to get carried away making the patches and am sure I will have far too many, although it will take quite a lot, as it's only a single quilt it's taking 11 hexagons across and 9 hexagons down, so will see how many are left and if there are enough I will make another quilt, but I think maybe there won't be enough to do a complete one, but while sorting out all my materials I did find quite a lot of "leftover" patches so may just combine them and make a multi coloured quilt.

Anyway here's the quilt so far, only started sewing it together this morning so still a long way to go.

Have quite a few mini projects lined up, so think I will be a busy bunny!  Got to make another Christmas quilt, although there's no rush for that as it's not needed till next Christmas, also got a bit of mini knitting to do, going to do some mini knitted patchwork blankets and also got to do another jumper.  I've also got a few full size knitting projects to do as well, not sure when Lake View will be built at this rate!

It's definitely getting colder and I think there might even be a bit of snow Monday, even down here in the South.  I've got a stew bubbling away on the stove at the moment, winter is definitely here!

I shall apologise again for my lack of blogging, but i really don't know where the time has gone!  Hope everyone had a lovely time over the festivities but now unfortunately it's back to normal!

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