Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mini Patchwork

I've finished the mini patchwork for Paula, surprisingly it took most of that pile of patches to complete, I also did a little patchwork pillow as well.   I'd forgotten how long these patchworks take, it's the preparation of the patches that takes the time rather than the sewing together, this was quite a tiny quilt made with 1cm patches and hexagons as well which always take longer.  Also did a couple of mini jumpers as well.

Have been busy making a jacket for my great niece as well, so mini knitting is on hold at the moment.  I shall be starting an order for a couple of mini grey school jumpers though, probably will make a start on them tomorrow.  I've also got another Christmas quilt to make for another lady so I shall be quite busy lol.

I'm really only doing patchworks and knitting to order now, I am debating with myself whether to have a "Showing" page here on the blog and then if anybody wants a quilt or knitting can order it in whatever colour etc. they want.  It's still just an idea at the moment, really need a few more followers, but that's my own fault for not keeping on top of my blog, must do better in future!  I'm thinking of maybe doing a giveaway as well, maybe with a mini quilt or  mini knitting or something or maybe both! 

Anyway here is the finished quilt that i made for my dear friend Paula, forgot to take pics of the jumpers before i sent them doh!

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