Friday, 13 July 2012

Lobster, Cove & Patchwork

My little wicker chair arrived this morning from Rose at Cute and Crafties, I have to say I absolutely love it!  Really is beautifully made and perfect in every way.  It has now found it's way into Lobster Pot Cottage bathroom.  I'm still waiting for some things for the bathroom to arrive, no sign of them yet, think I will have to enquire where they are, I'm getting impatient!

Finally got round to taking the pictures of the new Cove Cottage sign made for me by the talented Julie (cottagekitty), she really is so talented and I love her signs and they always look perfect on Julie Bennett's cottages as well.

Have taken a few pics of both Cove and Lobster as I have been adding things slowly but surely!

Also finished another blue mini quilt, not sure what I am doing with them all, or why I'm making them apart from the fact that I enjoy it.  Think they will all end up on ebay as I have far too many quilts and nowhere to put them lol.

Weather was nice this morning, but it's looking decidedly black up there again so reckon we are in for some more rain!

Anyway, here are the latest pics

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  1. Everything looks perfect. Well done. You have made a fantastic job