Saturday, 28 July 2012

Yet more quilts, but not much else!

I still seem to be sadly lacking in the dollshouse department!  My excuses are the dreaded school holidays.

We've been out and about this week, been to Bournemouth beach 2 days and Mudeford Quay 1 time.  We were meant to be crab fishing at Mudeford, and after spending £20 in the shop on lines, buckets, nets, bait etc., they failed to catch a single crab lol.  Have to say neither did anybody else though, so wasn't just us.  Think the crabbing is better in the afternoon, and it was absolutely packed there and sooooooooo hot, and there's not a lot of shade there either!

Anyway back to mini-ing, have managed to make 2 new quilts and just starting on another one now.  Then will do some hexagon ones just so I don't get too bored!  Dollshouses are being sadly neglected at the moment, I still need some bits and pieces for the kitchen in Lobster, the cooker unit is still looking very bare.  I must get some boxes etc., to put on the empty shelves.  Otherwise they are all pretty well complete.  I need some pennies so I can buy a new house and start all over again lol.  Although where I'd put a new house I haven't a clue!  But oooh I do feel the urge for a new property.  Not sure what though, I still love Julie's houses and I keep peeking at the 2 she's got on ebay, but they're not exactly what I'm looking for.  Also keep looking at a couple on DHE but they are soooo big I'm really not sure I do have room enough for them, but I do want to have a house that has kitchen/living/bed/bathroom and attic, so quite a big house whichever way you look!

Anyway, I'm blabbering on again about nothing much in particular, so here are the 2 new quilts!

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