Monday, 25 June 2012

Mini Quilt and Mini Knits

Have had a busy weekend knitting and patching!

Firstly made a few little baby dresses for my friend Sylvia, they're not for dollshouse babies, but for twin baby mice lol.

Then decided to have a go at making another patchwork quilt, but using bigger patches this time.  I still think it's a bit big, but it probably looks so different to the little tiny ones I do, I may get used to it.

Not really done that much else, have got a few bits and pieces to put around different places, but they've just sat in the box since Saturday, need to find my stash of beads etc., (and I can't think where i've put them lol) as well, got a few bits for Lobster's bedroom and a couple more bits for the shabby shop, but nothing terribly exciting, just bits and pieces really.

Anyway, here are the little dresses and the new quilt


  1. It looks lovely and the bigger patches work fine such pretty colours you made a great job of it! xx

  2. Lovely little dresses and the patch work is beautiful.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. They look lovely. I love the mini quilt as it has most of my favorite colors.