Friday, 1 June 2012

Confession Time

Yes, Paula is right, I have a confession!  I've bought another of Julie's cottages.  I bought Cove Cottage from Carol who luckily lives very local to me!

The ground floor will become the Lobster Pot Tea Rooms, well Cove Cottage Tea Rooms when the signage is sorted, also just waiting for the usual little Cove Cottage plaque as it fell off at Carol's so she will drop it into me.   The upstairs will be where all the action is (well cooking action that is!), it's going to be a productive kitchen where all the cakes etc. are made for the Tea Rooms. 

Lobster Pot will become a "normal" house.  I shall have kitchen/living room on the ground floor, bedroom on 1st floor and bathroom in the attic room.  Will make a change to do a normal house!

I have to say I've been very tempted with Julie's new cottage, I have to keep my fingers from straying to the buy it now button lol.   I really don't have any more room though, Cove Cottage only just fits in!  It's sitting next to the outdoor area of Lobster which will still be the outside seating for the tea rooms, well I think so anyway.  Have bought a couple of outdoor street lamps as it's a bit dark down there sandwiched between the houses!  I might try Cove Cottage the other side of Lobster and do away with the outdoor seating area for the tea rooms and just have it as a little seating area for the residents of Lobster.  Not sure yet, got to try it out.  Hopefully will get it started this weekend and will then take some pics to show you.

That's it confession over!

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  1. I think you have Paula's Bug. Can't wait to see your progress on this one.