Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Time for Bed?

Nothing terribly exciting to blog about!  Oh my life is so boring sometimes!

Anyway, I would like a nice wicker armchair in the vast Lobster Pot Cottage bathroom (blames Paula again, her idea), I've not got the chair yet, but want to drape a nightie and maybe dressing gown over it as well so when the lady (whoever she may be) of the house has her bath before bed it's all waiting for her.  Well, was browsing ebay and couldn't find any I liked and a lot seemed to be extortionate prices as well, so decided to have a rummage in my lace box and see if I could make one.  Here is the result.  Not bad for a 1st attempt and am sure it will look better when it is hanging over the chair.

You can't really see properly in the pic, but the top half is a rich cream lace and the bottom half is white lace.  Hmm maybe it's a multi purpose outfit, could be a ballgown as well I suppose lol.

1 comment:

  1. It looks lovely. Well done It's perfect. I really like it.