Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mini Knitting!

Have been busy knitting some mini jumpers and hats for my friend Paula.  I really quite enjoy mini knitting, am going to do a bit more over next few days, some more jumpers and hats, all different designs, also going to give some knitted trousers a go, now I'm not sure about knitted trousers, but thought I'd try them for a change. 

Have got some nice wools so am going to try some aran and cable jumpers, and will do a few "girly" bits as well, they need some jumpers and cardi's and maybe the odd skirt!.  Might do a little bit more "baby and toddler" knitting as well.  Will keep some of them and probably sell some on ebay as well, need to make pennies to fund my dollshouse habit!  Still lots of things to get for the Pavillion Holiday Let and hopefully this will help me buy a few things.

Will probably do the knitting over the weekend and then see what takes my fancy next!  I have a feeling it may be another patchwork, I'm dying to do a lilac one, so can see that being next, would like to get to the fabric shop again and see what other fabrics I can pick up, but think that may just confuse the matter!

Anyway, here's the little jumpers for Paula


  1. Adorable jumpers and caps! Wonderful knitting.

  2. They are so cute thanks so much wish I had your talent to make knitted things they are just fab!! xx

  3. They are lovely, well done. I tried normal knitting once and found it so hard so am always amazed when I see knitting in miniature :).