Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More Mini & Mini Mini Patchworks!

This is my last lot of mini patchworks for now, although keep looking at all the material and keep thinking "just one more", but I must get on with other things, e.g. mini knitting!  Of course must finish my full size quilt as well.

Anyway have made a single patchwork, again in the pink theme, and have now put both the double and single on ebay so will see if they sell.  The red one will sell, which is good, I'm sure if they don't I can find a use for them, and I know Paula's got her eye on the big pink one as well lol.

Have been planning on getting on with the pavillion holiday let as well, I can't let it keep sitting out in the hall all forlorn, it needs it's roof doing and it needs some furnishing and filling up with bits and pieces and of course "stuff" on the wall as well!  I shall of course be nipping over to Paula's Quayside to pinch some ideas as well lol.

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