Saturday, 10 March 2012

Halfway Through

Seem to have spent last day or so sewing papers into patches!  It's a slow old job!  Have now started to put it all together, it's quite pretty and think I'm about half way through the actual patchwork bit.  Then of course it's the finishing again.

Haven't really done that much else in the mini way and have quite a busy weekend ahead as well.  I've got my friend coming over lunchtime, we met when we started our first job together, so that was a very long time ago!   Think it was 1976/7, she lives in Peterborough now so we don't see much of each other, but she usually comes down to visit at least once a year so it's nice to have a good catch up.   We shall go out for a pub lunch which will be nice and spend the afternoon gossiping!   Then tomorrow I shall go and spend the day with mum, so not much mini-ing will be done!

I've decided to put the mini red patchwork on ebay, so will see how it goes.  I must make some more mini jumpers and hats as well, Paula would like a few and I shall probably make a few extra to go on ebay as well.  

Anyway that's my weekend, and here's the patchwork so far (please ignore the tacking threads, they are not very pretty!)

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