Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mini Pink Patchwork Finished

Managed to finish the latest patchwork this evening, using yet another finishing method!  I will find one I really like soon, well I hope so.

I'm quite pleased with it and it looks very pretty.  Onto the next one now as I did get a bit carried away when I was tacking the patches for this one, so should have enough to make a single quilt this time.  Have added another fabric to it as well just so that it's a bit different, they're never the same anyway as I seem to have got hooked on random rather than any actual pattern.  May try a more "patterned" one next time, just have a few fabrics and have a proper design. 

That's been about it really, no other mini-ing just making mini patchworks!  Must do something different else I will bore myself (and you!) stupid!

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