Monday, 20 February 2012

Full Size Patchwork

Having done my mini patchworks, it's spurred me on to retrieve from under the stairs my full size patchwork that has been languishing there for more years than I care to remember, awaiting being finished off!

Decided definitely had to be done, my sister is lending me her little sewing machine later in the week and I'm determined to get this finished!  Dragged and spread it out as need to measure it, hoping a flat bed sheet will be the right size so tape measure at the ready!  

Run out of patchwork pieces and as it's so old, it will be impossible to get more (it's Laura Ashley when they used to sell the fabric pieces) which as far as I know they don't anymore and i'm sure the patterned fabrics have long gone!  Was trying to work out how long it's been sitting around and it must be about 15-20 years ago!  Was certainly long before the boys were born, I'm pretty sure it was about 1990ish give or take a couple of years either side!  It's still even got the tacking and papers in it, so that's my next job, get them out and give it a good iron as it's been sitting in a carrier bag so is a wee bit creased!

Moment of truth, just measured and it's approx 60" wide (152cm) x 85" long (215cm), now I've just got to find out what sort of size is that!  Looks like it's bigger than a single but smaller than a double.  Was meant to fit a single bed which it probably would, will have to try it on the boys bed (without them seeing lol) see what sort of size it really is.  No idea what I'm going to do with it when I've finished it, will probably end up sitting in another cupboard for another 20 years!

Right time to tackle the tacking and papers!

Just thought I'd share it, although the pictures don't do the fabric justice, probably need to wait till tomorrow and take them in daylight without the flash.

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  1. wow its stunning cant believe you made that 20 years ago! The daft thing is its prob more in fashion now than it was then lol and don't put it away again that would be a crime!!!