Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pavillion Polyfilla Started!

Well I had a bash at the polyfilla/pva method of doing the external finish on the old Garden Pavillion.  Also gave the windows and doors a final coat of paint as well.

The polyfilla was quite a fun way, but oh boy did I make a mess with it, was flying everywhere!  I started off with a brush but soon got fed up with that, and ended up using my hands, very messy indeed!  It looks better than I thought it would and I think I will leave it alone!  Not even sure I will paint it either.  Just sitting here waiting and praying it doesn't all crack and fall off as it dries!  Fingers crossed!    I think the windows will be ok and even the old patio doors (that are just now a large window lol) with the strut in place looks ok, well it will have to as I can't replace it!

That's really been my mornings work so far, just got to leave it alone, i keep fiddling with it but must have hands off!


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