Friday, 28 October 2011

Not done a lot!

Well, I don't seem to have achieved much on Lobster Pot, but have to confess have been busy on ebay!   Will take some pics of what has arrived so far, still a fair amount of come though lol, the postie must hate me!

I've been knitting some little dolls house christmas things, which unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of before I packed them up to send to Paula, doh!  I have been busy making more full size christmas things though, have done a nativity set and a couple of tree decoration sets, am just making another set which can either be used as little dolls or as more tree decorations if I add a ribbon to them.

This is why I haven't done much!   I'm also trying to wait till everything has arrived (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it), I've lots of prettying up that needs to be done to the bits that have arrived.   One of the shop counters that I ordered arrived in a zillion bits, but they were very good and just offered to send a replacement which hopefully will arrive.  I think I can probably mend it, it's unglued rather than broken, so if I can work out which bit goes where I should be able to save it.   The set I bought is more than what I want, so will probably sell the surplus, but it ended up cheaper to buy it as a set than to buy the bits I wanted individually.   Also got the rest of the fencing so I need to cut and stain that as I've decided to add a garden to the other side of The Lobster Pot, there's space on the desk where it currently is and it's not big enough for another house, so have decided to do a garden.   Got my packages from DHE today which has a lot of garden stuff in it, well baskets, troughs etc., plus a couple of other little bits and pieces, but I must knuckle down and sort the main house/cafe out.   Boys back at school next week so at least it will be more peaceful!

Well better go and cook dinner now, then will carry on knitting my toy soldier lol.  Will try and remember to take pics of the bits that have arrived this evening.

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  1. Wow the knitted stuff looks amazing all together how fab is that nativity set you are lucky to be so talented really I am so jealous I wish I could knit!!!