Saturday, 5 November 2011

More Photo's!

Have had a fairly busy day today, managed to do a bit of lobster potting, had a quick look round hobbycraft, it was manic in there, wish I'd had more time and money, so many things in there!  Bought a couple more balls of wool for my ebay xmas knitting projects, some thread to use as "hangers" for the decorations, some pipecleaners, I wanted just normal standard coloured pipecleaners but I couldn't find any of them, only want brown ones for robins feet, but all there seems to be is furry ones.  Forgot to look for christmas buttons as well, tut!  Will have to look on ebay I think.  Also looking for a knitting pattern for a camel for the nativity scene items, but couldn't find one, again will be an ebay job!

Had a go at doing some bits on lobster, still not done the tablecloths, oh dear naughty me, but put some pictures up and filled the cake counters, also got my other chair, picture and table for the living room.  Have got the hanging baskets up, but not sure how long they'll stay up for, keep listening out for the "klunk" as they fall down lol.

Been knitting a donkey today for the nativity scene items, have a horrible feeling it's going to look a bit too big though, will wait till it's finished if it's too big for the set, will have to try selling it separately.  

Saturdays are always a big wash day as it's all the uniforms and pe kits, oh then it's the dreaded ironing, ugggggggggghhhhhh, I hate ironing!  

Meant to be losing weight as well, so why oh why when I went to the post office/newsagent did I buy a huge bar of whole nut choccie, and have proceeded to eat half of it already, this is not the idea!  Ah well tomorrow's another day!

Anyway now for the pics, sorry there's quite a few of them!

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