Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Is It Really July!

I can't believe it's July already!  Although weatherwise you'd have a hard job guessing it was Summer!  Today seems to be about the first day in months that we've had a sunny day, I've even managed to go out and cut the grass.

The Olympic torch came to town today as well, the boys had the day off school, and went down and watched although they couldn't see much lol.

Haven't really done much mini-ing, am waiting for a few bits from ebay and a wicker chair from Rose from Cute and Crafties, hopefully will all be here by the weekend and I shall be able to put some piccies on of Cove Cottage (along with it's new lovely sign made by Julie (cottage kitty)) and the few bits I've added to Cove and Lobster.  Poor Driftwood and Boathouse do seem to have been neglected recently!

Oh I seem to have a new resident of the Shabby Shop (still unamed), as you can see from this pic!

She seems to have taken up residence!

To follow on from my quilt tutorial, I finally got round to finishing the little quilt I started.  I seem to have been knitting nativity stuff for ages, I forgot how long the sets take to complete, but I wanted to get a head start ready for, dare I say it, Christmas!

So here's the new mini quilts, I seem to have quite a few sitting in the cupboard now, 4 in total I think, 3 of mine and 1 I bought from someone else but no longer use.  I must get them on ebay!   I am already thinking about the next one, I really do enjoy doing them, just deciding what to do next, either another Cath Kidston fabric one, or a blue one or a green one, or even a any colour goes one!  Shall have to have a look through my bag of materials and see what grabs me!

Anyway I'm waffling on again as per usual, here's the finished quilt


  1. Thank you for the quilt tutorial. I've just learned to make quilts and am now inspired to try and make one for our antique dollhouse project!

  2. Deb your quilt looks amazing. I love your cat. Mine does the same when he sees a new building. I am very sure that it is proud with his mum's work. Well done.