Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Not Dollshouse But Other Pics!

Back again!  Still no dollshousing but thought I'd share a few other pics!   Dogs were groomed today so look and smell (lol) nice and clean!  For some reason they absolutely hate the camera and sculk away whenever I try and take pics of them, goodness knows what they think it's going to do, so they're not great.   Also a pic of my cats, who are not so shy!

Finally, here is the finished "Topsy Turvy" Cinderella Doll which I've made for my niece.

Unfortunately, also got letter from the hospital today with the date my my gallbladder removal, so got to go in on 14th February, which means got to start the yukky Milk Diet at end of January, 3 weeks of just 4 pints milk a day is not appealing!

Still no mini-ing, I really must get my bum moving and do something!  Still no inspirations or aspirations, but I must do something about them, I feel very guilty neglecting them, haven't touched them since well before Christmas.  Think I will leave them in my bedroom for now, but trouble is the outhouse/lavvy won't fit on the chest of drawers with the 2 houses, so may have to rethink that one.   Don't think they'd fit on the desk either with the outhouse, and the shop/cafe won't fit with one of the houses either, oh dear, what to do!

Anyway that's enough for now, off to watch East Enders, then of course Celeb BB.

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