Friday, 13 January 2012


Well, finally got round to tidying up the dollshouses in their new home.  My goodness they were dusty!  Put a few little bits in as well, and stuck (fingers crossed) the hanging baskets and flower troughs, not sure how long they'll stay up, so I'm listening for the clang, clang, clang as they fall off, no doubt will be in the middle of the night and make me jump!

Added the bits that my dear friend Paula made me, driftwood picture for bill, some pussy cats for Maggie (she is definitely the cat lady), shell collection basket for bill which he collects after he's pulled the boat back in after fishing, and awaiting some gorgeous home baking from Maggie, he's definitely going to have to watch his waistline!

Added a few more bits and pieces to the Tea Shop, some lovely bunting that Paula made, have added a "High Tea" spread in the living room as well, and a few little bits and pieces for the bedroom.  Still some way to go on this one, but I'm running out of ideas!  Also forgot that i'd put Bill's outhouse in the garden of the Tea Shop as well as it doesn't fit between Bill and Maggies anymore, so they'll have to have a short hop to get to the garden now!

That's been about it really, no pennies to buy anything at the moment, so will have to try and make a few bits, although I'm clueless really about what to make or how to make it!

Started the Easter knitting now, so hopefully will make a few pennies on ebay with that but bit early yet!

Hope everyone is well and is staying safe on Friday 13th!

Now for the pics!

Bill's House (The Boathouse)

Maggie's House  (Driftwood Cottage)

Tea Rooms (The Lobster Pot)



  1. They are all looking lovely! theres so much to look at and love how pretty they are and how Bills suits him so perfectly you have made a great job of all of them just needs that tea rooms sign now!!! :-) xx

  2. I LOVE Bill! I keep coming back to take another look at him, heheh. He reminds me of the late, great Oliver Reed (who was my secret crush) and I think he's just wonderful.

    I also love all your quilts. Did you make the patchwork ones? They're so lovely. Best of all is Bill's crochet granny blanket. I love to crochet but I wish my eyesight was better so I could make a mini one like yours.

    1. Hi Minnie, So glad you like it. I have a special affection for Bill as well! I made Bill's quilt but not the other two, fraid I cheated and bought them from ebay. Same as the granny blanket, bought that as well, I don't think I could crochet well enough or small enough to make it myself! Am currently making more miniature clothes at the moment, but must get quilting and attempt another quilt!

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