Saturday, 12 October 2013

Oops I've Done it Again!

Well naughty me!  Look what's on it's way!   Yes it's that naughty Paula tempting me again!  It was her Christmas House and I've decided to copy lol, and this will be a Christmas house again.  I really shouldn't have but it's a lovely house!

I've decided that half my problem is that i'm always so busy trying to make a few pennies making things to sell, that I never seem to have time to actually do anything to my own houses!   Have got some Christmas orders to make and then I shall concentrate on doing stuff for ME!   Got to make a new quilt for Bill's cabin ships wheel bed, also need to make a quilt (and finish the rest of Beacon) for Betty,  Luckily they are only single quilts so not huge!   Also need to make another Christmas quilt (like I made for Paula last year) for the new residents (not found yet) of the Christmas house.  Think it will be a fairly modern house so needs some younger residents, but not that young lol.

Then I must also get on with the shop, still undecided what will be on the middle floor of that, but think I best get the ground floor sorted first.   Got to fill it up with "craft" supplies, well knitting, sewing, x stitch, that kind of thing.

I did dig out the mini knitting and made a few jumpers, will probably do a few xmas jumpers soon as well, at least they don't take too long.  Here are the few that i've made so far

I've still been knitting baby outfits as well (life size) but have to say i'm bored with that at the moment!  I also started another knitted bunny, but got bored with that.  Finished the two red bears for my friend's grandchildren and they are now in their new home

Have to say the bears are probably my favourite things to knit, they are really rather cute, which is a good thing as i've got so much wool to knit them in so many colours!  Think I could easily make another 20 of them with the wool i've got.  In fact the amount of wool i've got is crazy!  I really will have to seriously think of selling some of it all!  So much baby wool, wool for teds, wool for bunnies, wool for toy knitting, it's really rather silly!

Oh back to the house, mind wandering again, it's my age you know!   Well of course I don't have room for it (sure that's why I sold Lobster and the little shop) well took the plunge and bought a new chest of drawers for my bedroom, really hope it does fit!  I did measure but well that's me so it may not!  Of course it's flat packed ewwwwwwwwwwwww, hate flat pack furniture!  Will probably have a go at building it this weekend, then hopefully I will be able to get 2 houses on it.  That's the plan anyway.  I've moved the pink shop (newly named The Crafty Quilter, thank you Paula for the name and Bethany for the signs) next to Cove Cottage Tea Rooms, and fingers crossed the Christmas Cottage and Beacon will fit on the new chest of drawers, providing of course I manage to build it without it collapsing!

Well i've been rambling for a while now, so think it's time to go!  Will post some pics when i get my new house, it's on it's way so should be here tuesday or wednesday, soooooo excited!

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