Tuesday, 18 June 2013

OMG That Long!

Well naughty me, can't believe i've not updated since April, good job Paula gave me a much needed nudge!

I haven't really done that much dollshousing I have to confess, i've sort of run out of inspiration for it at the moment, as you will see Beacon is still very empty!

I did have a little move round of my bedroom so get the houses all in one place, unfortunately until i get some new furniture they are all a bit higgledy piggledy, but hey ho there it must be a very hilly street!  I've still got the little shabby shop which is in the kitchen but i'd like to move it as it's getting ruined as the cats seem to think it makes an ideal bed!

Her are closer views of Cove Cottage Tearooms and Beaon together

Still my favourites Driftwood Cottage and The Boathouse, inhabited by my favourites Bill & Maggie

Last but not least, Lobster Pot Cottage

Now for the inside of Beacon, as you can see it's a really tight squeeze in there!  The sofa I bought really is too large, will have to have a rethink, I was looking for something that could double as a bed, but really there just isn't room, think it will just have to be a comfy armchair in there, it's only a small property to very hard to try and fit anything in and the sofa, to me just looks tooooooooo big!

The downstairs and annexe is still empty, just lacking inspiration for them at the moment, the downstairs is meant to be a shop, but I have to say it could end up as just an ordinary house with a bedroom upstairs, living/kitchen downstairs and loo in the annexe, but that's very boring, so i won't do anything yet until i find where my inspiration is hiding!

That's really about it on the dollshouse front, not terribly exciting and it's very boring not getting packages from the postie!  I do miss getting new things, but at the moment money is very tight so there's not a lot left for dollshouse stuff.

I seem to have been busy knitting baby clothes at the moment, not even done any mini patchworking!

That's about it for now, if you find my inspiration please send it back lol.


  1. You've wonderful houses.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. Nice to finally see an update!! They look fab altogether its another little village you will need to give it a name!! I actually think the sofa looks ok it looks just like a sofa bed and looks nice and comfy! :-) xx

  3. I think we all go through periods of having no inspiration but not having the money to buy things is even worse, I feel your pain :(.